The change for many starts with the change of one.

Our training and coaching programs are designed with the brain in mind. We aim at creating and delivering learning solutions that have an authentic impact in the way people think and perform. Below is a short description of our main areas of expertise. These are not standard workshops - we design each training experience to meet our clients' unique needs. 

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Transformational ​Coaching for Managers

Today a manager’s role is becoming more and more complex. He or she is responsible not only for enhancing the performance of their team, but also for engaging and nurturing the motivation of their team members. 

Until recently, most resources were invested in increasing competency, but now it’s time to pay more attention to engagement, without which competencies are not used to their fullest potential. Coaching is one of the most effective tools in order to achieve this goal. 

This is why we have created the two day workshop “Transformational Coaching”, based on the philosophy of Sir John Whitmore, one of the founding fathers of modern Coaching.

Its goal is to provide managers with the necessary tools to support their teams in maximising their potential by increasing their awareness and engagement and thus facilitating empowerment.


We have been deeply concerned with the subject of motivation for a long time and have gathered the latest research and resources available to develop a one of a kind program on what truly motivates people.

In this workshop, participants will discover their own levers of motivation, will explore the meaning and implications of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and understand how and why some tasks or projects are more motivating than others and how to influence one’s own and others’ motivation.


One of the great thinkers of the century, Viktor Frankl, famously said that “if we know the Why, we can bear any How and What”. 

When it comes to self-awareness, “Why” becomes an essential question - Why do I do what I do every day? “Why” can also be a tricky question, because it invites people to find explanations and excuses and elude responsibility for their own actions, unless it is accompanied by other key questions: “What is truly important for me?”, “What Motivates me?”; “What are my strengths and how can I best make use of them?”, “Who am I, really, and how does my mind work?”, “What sabotages me?”; “How can I become the best version of myself?”. 

Knowing yourself had turned into a real competitive advantage in a world where more and more people are deeply concerned with self-development. 

The purpose of this program, consisting of three 2 hour workshops, is to offer participants a glimpse into their own minds, opening new perspectives on difficult questions such as: How do our emotions work? How and why do we end up self-sabotaging? What is stress, really and what are the patterns that I take under stress? How does intrinsic motivation work?

It is a journey into some of the mysteries of our own minds, which will give participants insights into themselves and and open new doors to self-effectiveness and development. 


Long lasting behavioral change is extremely difficult in the absence of a profound self-discovery process. Unfortunately, for a long time, science could not keep pace with people’s need to better understand who they are and why they do what they do every day. All this changed with the use of MRI machines, which make studying the brain in real time possible.  

Over the last 20 years there has been a revolution in understanding the brain and the way we think, decide and relate with each other. Recently, a new discipline - neuroscience - has been born,which lies at the foundation of this workshop.

Neuroscience builds a bridge between medicine, psychology and personal development, explaining how the brain “hardware” interacts with the behavioral “software”.  

This workshop’s objective is to increase leaders’ awareness of their  own mental "filters" that make us misjudge others and ourselves and to use this knowledge to improve communication both inside the management team and among each manger and their own team. 

  There will be 2 days in which we will play, experiment and better understand our own emotional mechanisms, how they affect our decisions and the tricks our own brains play on us every day. 

​Mindfulness at work and beyond

Although we physically are present in our own lives every given moment, our minds wonder constantly into the past and the future. People are often overwhelmed by an avalanche of thoughts - worrying about what has happened and about what is to come. This affects us in every instance of our lives - at work and at home - as this restlessness of our own minds often turns against us, making it hard to focus, making us dependent on the illusion of multi-tasking and sometimes leading us to mental exhaustion. 

Mindfulness is the ability to engage with the present moment without tension or judgement, allowing us to experience life in a direct way. Over the past years Mindfulness has found its way into business and its practices have been embraced by more and more organisations around the world. Scientists have discovered that we can train our brain to live in the present moment and this enhances our capacity for wise choices and emotional management, while being an extraordinary source of stress reduction. 

This workshop is an introduction into the fascinating universe of Mindfulness and the ways in which we can use it at work and beyond. 


We have all been bored to death by too many presentations in our lives. For all those who think their time is too valuable to be wasted on delivering mediocre presentations and for all those who think their audiences deserve better, we have created the Public Speaking Workshop. ​

You will find out how your participants’ brains process information and what they truly expect from you as a speaker. You will discover the reasons why people get bored and receive the tools to banish boredom from your presentations.

Also, we will explore the role emotionas play in a presentation and ways in which we often sabotage ourselves as public speakers. You will find means to create your own, authentic public speaking style. 

Finally, you will have the chance to practice your presentation skills in a safe environment and receive honest feedback, focused on your strengths and how you can develop them even further.


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