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Since 2015, a community of transformational coaches has been growing around the Mind Learners Coaching Program, furthering our mission to plant the seeds of high quality coaching within organisations and, whenever possible, outside of them. If you are looking for a coach to join you on your own journey of personal transformation, please explore the profiles of our coaches, choose two or three who you feel are the closest match and contact them directly to organise an introductory conversation. After that, you will be able to make your final decision.

All of our coaches are highly qualified. However, choosing a coach is a very personal process, so we always suggest that clients take their time and make their decision after having a conversation with potential coaches and making sure that, beyond coaching expertise, there is also personal connection - as this might well be one of the most important relationships of your life.  

Mihaela Alexandrescu

My name is Mihaela Alexandrescu and I'm an Experienced Human Resources Professional. After 10 years of hard work and long hours spent in the corporate environment, I decided to take a leap to freelancing, putting my creativity, knowledge, and love for people in the service of what I believe is a higher purpose. I am grateful for everything that the multinational corporate environment has taught me and looking forward to my new adventure.


The Transformational Coaching Program opened a whole new range of opportunities to develop myself and accompany others on their growth journeys as well. I continue my career in HR as an independent People Advisor helping small businesses to offer the best possible employer experience to their employees through recruitment, motivation, training, wellbeing, communication, structured and engaging approaches on performance management and many more. Coaching is a primary tool I use in my profession as I truly believe it is the right way to accompany people in building their own strong careers and stay loyal to an employer who puts employees at the heart of its business.


I am a dedicated and hard working person and, at the same time, I put a lot of energy, passion, and soul in everything I do. My leap to freelancing has come from my inner need to have the freedom to do things the way I feel is right for the people I'm fortunate to be an HR for. I finally acknowledged what others' feedback had been telling me all along - that I'm different. I do things differently and I have a lot to give to this world. While just starting to put the foundation of my own company, I continue my coaching development through reading, learning, and lots of hours of practice.


Beyond my passion for developing people, I'm a translator, bringing novels to a new life from English to my native language and combining my passion for reading with my original profession (I’m an Italian – English University graduate). Also, I’ve been writing for more than 10 years now on my personal blog . For more information on my professional journey, you can also visit my LinkedIn profile here.

I thank the world for every person that I met and had a larger or smaller contribution to who I am today and I am fully conscious of how important it is to have unconditional support at the right time in one's life. If I can offer you that support on your own personal and professional growth journey, I'd be happy to be in touch at mihaela.aalexandrescu@gmail.com.

Alis Anagnostakis (PCC)

I am a an executive coach and leadership development facilitator. In 2011 I founded Mind Learners, as a metaphor for the paramount role of self-awareness in any process of personal or professional development and have been curating an increasing community of transformational coaches ever since. 

Over the years,  I have been lucky to work with thousands of leaders in many organisations and different countries and have witnessed some truly inspiring journeys of personal transformation. I am perpetually amazed at people’s resourcefulness and capacity for change. This only reinforces my  deeply held belief that, by being more aware of ourselves, we can actually become not just happier, but also more responsible, more caring of others, more conscious of our impact in the world and more capable of actively choosing to make that impact a positive one. Conscious leaders build businesses that are not only profitable, but also ethical and sustainable, businesses that not only grow, but also nurture the wellbeing of their employees and become forces for good in the communities they touch. I am convinced that supporting people on the path to higher consciousness is a great way to spend one’s life, or at least a great way to spend mine.

I am a graduate of the Executive Masters Degree in Positive Leadership and Strategy (EXMPLS) from Instituto Empresa (IE) University in Spain and in 2019 I moved to Queensland, Australia, to pursue a PhD focusing on transformational learning. It is the next step in answering the core question that has been following me since the beginning of my career as a facilitator: How can we, through adult education, help people develop their wisdom, not just their knowledge? 

In 2015 I created the Mind Learners Transformational Coaching Program as a way of guiding leaders through a personal journey of self-discovery, self-challenge and change, while also equipping them with the tools of professional coaching, which they can then take further into their companies and teams to create a sustainable positive impact. We now have over 100 graduates in Romania, many of whom have gone on to create transformational projects in their teams and companies. In 2019 we are hosting the first cohort of the program in Australia. 

Beyond coaching, I am an avid reader, I blog about life, books and self-awareness at www.alisanagnostakis.com and you also can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. 

If you would like to contact me directly, please write an email at alis.anagnostakis@mindlearners.ro.

Ionuț Ardeleanu

Not long ago I used to think I knew it all. However, life was going to prove me wrong...

A while ago I chose to look at myself and at the world with a fresh pair of eyes, with a beginner’s mind. I started to become curious about my attachments and aversions translated into habits and reactions. Many times, this kind of self-obervation was unpleasant and disturbing, until I realized all of my discoveries about myself, even when I didn't like them, make up what makes me a human being. In this process of realization, it become obvious that contained in my body, mind and soul lie the senses, emotions and thoughts shaping who I am. Acknowledging them, I open the opportunity to self-observe and put myself in a position to choose, thus, remodel my habits, reconsider my reactions.

By being curious about myself, I have become more free. As a coach, I accompany others in discovering their own freedom. 

You can read more about me, here

Maria Avram (ACC)

I work as  Support Renewal Manager in a large multinational company. My background includes studies in Foreign Languages and a Master in Human Resources. I have a deep passion for coaching and significant experience working with managers and top performers in a corporate environment. 


I love books and stories, anthropology and history. I like people, to be among them, listen to them, help them, understand how they are representing their world, how there are imagining it in stories (personal or fictional) and how they are living. While being coached and studying coaching, I felt all the time that it was rather a re-discovery, than something new. Emotions, feelings, ideas were all there; being present for others, listening or just being, reached new valences. I got so much out of it, that I want to give something in return. The truth, the way, the solution, the liberation is within us, we need to turn to ourselves, seek and listen.


I strongly believe that coaching (either life or executive) should have a holistic approach of the individual. This is the way I coach and work with people. Taking into consideration the body, mind and spirit; the fact that the client is resourceful. That authenticity is the pillar of a conscious, beautiful and happy life. Coaching is not about giving solutions, but about guiding and helping others to find them. I see it as a partnership, one that is confidential and based on trust. It is a journey at the end of which the client meets his/her objectives and becomes more self aware, more present, introspective, flexible, aware of his values, strengths and potential. And more successful.

I don’t judge and I regard coaching as the most powerful tool for personal and professional development.


You can read more about me on LinkedIn.

Anca Băbăneață

I am Anca and I am a thinker. Value driven. Performance oriented. Constant learner. Learning that my journey in life has often been about how I look at what lies ahead and what I make of the present. Believing in myself and those around me, pushing myself, facing my own barriers and obstacles, with the discomfort that that brings. Getting past what keeps me standing. Finding the place inside me I where I know I have, or where I can find, all the resources I need to move forward. Although, not so easy sometimes.


My professional journey has been transforming. 20 amazing years, mostly in financial services, but also NGOs. And counting. Over the years, I’ve moved from roles of technical expert in the insurance and reinsurance industry to managing people. 10 years of management, the last 8 as CEO, I have learned the value of taking a step aside now and then and looking at myself. What am I doing right and what wrong? What works and what doesn’t. What makes me happy and what makes me grow. What keeps me standing. Where can I do more? Change the perspective. Learn from those around me. Create meaningful relationships. 

And I keep learning. And growing.


As a coach, I am here, next to you, in your journey. I am positive, insightful and truthful. Believing in you, challenging you, empowering you. 

You can reach me at a.babaneata@gmail.com

Cristina Bâra

I’m an optimist, a transformational coach and a true believer in the human potential, in the hidden treasure within people waiting to be uncovered. 

After working for several years in a corporate environment, I was moved by how many people hated their jobs, were unhappy with their lives, feeling like they don’t know what their life’s purpose is. Mesmerized by the corporate ladder and the promises of the organizations, they ended up with positions they thought they wanted, possessions they though they needed, just to discover that instead of feeling happy and accomplished, they felt more lost and disconnected to themselves. 

I knew that I had to do something, to open doors of possibilities for people, to unlock potential, to bring happiness. But first, I started a journey within myself: books, alternative therapies, various workshops, meditation, a spiritual journey to India - all contributed to my self-discovery process. Part of this beautiful journey I chose to walk on, Mind Learners Coaching School fitted perfectly and was one of the best investments I could have made for myself. I discovered a whole new world: a world where we are all learning from each other, we face our fears, we deal with imposters, limiting beliefs, “not enough-ness”, self-judgment and all the things that stop us from embracing our true selves and living a life of joy and peace. 

As a coach, I accompany people on their own personal journey, walking by their side, with no judgment but full support, questioning, challenging and creating space for self-inquiry. In the same time, I am still on my path, a continuous learning process. 

Currently, I am learning the Compassionate Inquiry approach developed by Gabor Mate and Sat Dharam Kaur, helping clients to connect to the truth within themselves in the present moment, become free from self-generated suffering, and gain insight, clarity and choice in their behaviour.

Sometimes I write on my blog, paint, write poems, hold guided meditation sessions. You can find me on Instagram or Facebook, or you can contact me at cristina@cristinabara.ro

Dana Canciu (ACC)

One of my dreams as a teenager was to become a software developer. A couple of years ago, after having worked in the IT industry for some time and earning my Graduate Degree in Information Security, I started feeling that the dream and goals I set for myself in my teenage years were fulfilled, yet I felt unfulfilled. I felt that there was much more about me in this life than I already knew, many more things to be explored and learned that would give me more meaning.


The following years were a journey of self-discovery, of remembering what I truly love, of embracing who I am and who I wanted to be. I rediscovered how much I love children and how much I love listening to people's issues, insights, stories. I realised people came to me to share pieces of them. Vulnerable, authentic pieces of them. That was the moment I decided to honor my natural gifts, that gave me so much joy by bringing the fruits of those gifts into our world each and every day.


This happened back in 2014 and after that things fell into place in a magical way. 2015 was a truly crystallizing year for me. That year I became a coach and graduated the Mind Learners Coaching School. I am so grateful I listened that little voice whispering me to take that step. Every coaching session is a wonderful experience, the human connection and feeling of presence are so incredible they do magic. 2015 was also the year I became a member of Create Yourself and took up the position of Vice President. Create Yourself is an NGO whose mission is to aid and support children’s education. Since then, children in the social apartments of Bucharest bring their light into my life and I do my best to do the same for them.

I feel this is just the beginning of me embracing my mission: to live beautifully among people, being a joyful life’s proof on Earth.

Roxana Ceialacu

My name is Roxana Ceialacu, I have experience in software development industry for almost 15 years, playing different roles within companies from SAP ABAP developer to Agile Transformation Program Manager. Over the last 4 years I explored new skills around people by being consultant, mentor, coach, trainer and facilitator. During my career, I facilitated dozens of workshops, delivered several trainings and working with hundreds of people. For more professional background details, you may check my LinkedIn account.

I am an honest person, not only by speaking the truth but by living my life in a genuine and authentic way. I expect the best in the future, I'm a dreamer, an optimistic, energetic, and joyful person, who loves life and finds light in everything, no matter what darkness might be around.

My coaching approach has two parts: my being, the fact that I am present – next to you, near you, and my willingness to listen to you, containing what you say and feel, guiding you to discover your inner power to improve yourself continuously and consciously.

Additionally, my purpose is to care for the people that I believe in, and I BELIEVE IN YOU! By embracing love, you can change yourself, your communities and the universe. If you’re wondering who is giving this love…the answer is you need to love yourself, first! “I offer my help, for a better you!” - This is my mission!

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or Yahoo.

Andreea Cimpoeșu (ACC)

All my life I‘ve had huge faith in people. I believe trust is not to be earned, but to be offered. It is only up to us to choose to live the wholehearted life we all deserve and I believe we all have the necessary resources within ourselves to do it. Until some time ago, I was only dreaming to such a way of living my life. Now, here I am - after 200 hours of therapy and other 200 hours of specific training in coaching, I finally took a leap of faith. I realised that 15 years as a business professional are enough and, more than that, these years will fully contribute to live my "now-defined" mission: accompanying others with all I have in their courageous endeavour to look straight within their own selves, to accept and to (re)create themselves, with a final aim in living an authentic life, liberated by all coverings.


With a background in cybernetics, I have an MBA degree from Central European University and I am now on the ICF Associated Certified Coach certification path. I have always worked with teams, encouraging my team mates to develop, to find their own way both in work and life. Looking back, it seems I am doing coaching for long ago.


The type of coaching I practice is transformational, focused on building the skills and capabilities that help the client perform effectively and coherently in any circumstances. Through transformational coaching my client is guided to individually find his own path towards what he can and wants to become. I walk beside my clients to reach their own definitions and identify new perspectives. In a non-judgmental relationship, making use of the right words in the right moment, I stand by my clients with an open heart and a keen mind. Every new client offers me the privilege of getting a lot of insights, helping me become not just a better coach, but a better person.


More about me on  andreeacimpoesu.ro or on my LinkedIn profile.

Alina Cristache

My name is Alina Cristache and I am an ordinary person. I cherish my life and strive to allow myself the freedom and honesty to be who I am in a world that tells me so often who I am expected to be. I do not believe in rules or stereotypes but I do believe in magic. I am speaking of the magic that only people can do.

I am employed now as a manager for one of the biggest IT corporations in the world. A long time ago I graduated with a degree in Economics and then went on to receive a masters in Business Communications. But at the bottom of my heart I am a painter and feel I have special relationship with creativity and beauty.

I have always be interested in how I can change the world. However, after many years I came to understand that the only person I can change is myself. It is then that I started to work on myself. This work continues daily. The day that I realized that I can support others to grow was one of the happiest days of my life. It brought meaning to my life and I made a promise to myself that I will always do whatever I can to help others discover the light within themselves. It is like planting seeds. Without wanting to show a lack of humility today I would say that I am my own hero. It takes courage to look at our darkest side, to work on your fears, and listen to your heart. I rely a lot on my internal radar, my intuition. 

Our story is based on the choices we make everyday. We are all storytellers. What would you like your story to be?

You can contact me at cristache.alina@gmail.com

Alexandra Culicovschi

Three years ago I have reached a turning point in my life when I started to ask myself (heart and mind) - who am I?


After 9 years of purely HR corporate mindset & focus, I have started a purpose searching journey with mind and soul connected and partners.


I became a mother, I have started to study Psychology, I joined the Transformational Coaching program, I have enrolled in personal analysis sessions and I changed jobs and industries. A rollercoaster of actions and emotions started, leading me to one clear purpose: I want to be an enabler, a partner for those who trust me to accompany them during certain moments of their life. 


My beliefs (and consequently what I focus on) in a coaching relation are:

- the relation is a partnership

- the connection and "chemistry" between the coach and coachee is critical

- it's the coachee's agenda that drives the discussions and sets the directions

- for the coach - being fully present, create a space of trust and openess, believing in the coachee's abilities/potential to achieve what he/she sets his/her mind and soul to. 


I believe that everything happens for a reason and, once we are open to accept this, we are able to make the most of the experience and enrich us as human beings.


You can find more about me here and, fi you'd like to be in touch, you can email me at alexandra.culicovschi@gmail.com.

Maria Dinu (ACC)

I am a coach and an HR person in a multinational.


I work with young professionals and talented people to inspire them to develop personally and professionally.

I believe in finding your own way in career and in life, and that the process of becoming is one of the main reasons worth living.  


I have been interested in coaching since 2003, and started to coach in 2009. I mostly coach as part of my day to day job, but also in my free time, on Skype or face to face. 


After a first coaching school with International Coach Academy, I graduated in the first generation of the Mindlearners Transformational Coaching School. In November 2015 I received the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential from the International Coach Federation. 


In my free time I blog about what matters in life on LifeToolKit . You can also find me on Twitter, on LinkedIn or on Gmail

Elena (Lili) Gâdei (ACC)

I am People Manager and Project Manager in a multinational company, currently managing dozens of people from several projects in the application maintenance area. Throughout my current management roles, as well as others within the customer support and operations consultancy areas, I have been always focused on enhancing my skills and behaviors to be cheerful and effective in the workplace, also applying my coaching and leadership expertise to encourage people to discover and make the most of their potential, with a passionate, result driven and an optimistic approach. I am passionate to help people grow and bring mindfulness into the workplace, to create an environment which stimulates every individual to begin a life-long journey for recognizing and discovering their full potential and support them in realizing, boosting and then practicing it, for their own benefit and most likely for those others around them and for their organizations.

My formal education qualifications are in Psychology and Philosophy. I have started the formal qualification within the coaching area by graduating from Mind Learners Coaching School and I'm currently on ICF Associated Certified Coach certification path.

I am eager and happy to learn from inspirational people, I enjoy meaningful stories and fairytales, I love to read and travel. I strongly believe in the magical power of coaching and in the fact that anyone can evolve as long as they want to, towards what they want to be and achieve, finding within themselves the best responses from a variety of options and being able to reveal their ''best version'', in an inside-out way.

You can find me on Gmail and LinkedIn.

Oana Găină

I’ve been working in Human Resources since 2000 – not sure who found who first. I'm passionate about people, animals, reading & travelling, I have an innate curiosity about the human mind and I am amazed at what one can experience given the chance. What’s even more fascinating to me, is the journey of our souls and the inexplicable way we are all connected. My life changed completely since my two children came to me – and not necessarily in the way people often “talk” about it. I’ve learnt to accept things about me that I never knew existed, which made me feel there was no better way to experience myself than through my loved ones. I am grateful to my kids and to all of my long time friends.

I came across coaching throughout my career many times, but never in the way Alis’ transformational coaching school revealed it to me.

But hey, it’s all about YOU here. It’s your life, your discoveries, your choices and your path. And there’s no better YOU than the one you are looking at right now. I would be honoured to simply walk beside you and use all I’ve learnt to accompany you in your process of BEING.

You can read more about me here

Alecsandra Lițu (ACC)

I am a trainer, coach and consultant, focusing on change management and organizational culture initiatives. 


In the past 15 years I have been fortunate to have worked with more than 6.000 people in 70 organizations, delivering more than 10.000 hours of training and 300 hours of 1-2-1 sessions. 

In my professional career I have acted as training consultant, change manager, learning and development senior manager and coach, either internally or externally. 


All of this has taught me that we rarely tap into our full potential, but get tangled in limiting beliefs, old thought patterns and tend to focus on the countless things we can’t control. In the same time, I have learned that those blockages are not show-stoppers, but roadblocks on our way to ourselves. And that our mind is not the enemy, but our ally in this process. 


This approach has led me to transformational coaching, as one of the best ways to connect to that uncovered potential. So I started my training in 2012 with John Whitmore’s Performance Consultants in London and continued with the Mind Learners Coaching School, becoming an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach.


I strongly believe that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our closest relationships. And that there is no relationship that carries the bond and depth of the relationship we have with ourselves. With this in mind I have deepened my understanding by training in the ESPERE Method, a relationship-based communication approach developed by Jacques Salomé.


On a different note, I am a part-time nerd that loves books and strolling through museums. I also love backpacking – especially in South-East Asia, as there’s no better way to dive into different perspectives. I try to take care of my mind and my body through yoga and meditation. 


If you’d like to connect, you can reach out on LinkedIn,YouTubeFacebookWebsiteor email.

Cristiana Lupu (ACC)

When talking about myself and my work experience one common thread is visible – the passion for developing people, understanding them and accompanying them on the road to success. Whatever that means for each of us. In my 7 years of management experience, I have had the gift of interacting with over 100 of my direct reports only. This has given me the opportunity to help people take a look at themselves and see their potential for what it is – a resource that we tend to forget or dismiss, because we are focusing on what there is to fix. 


In the past two years, I have learned to let go of the programmatic way of developing people within my own organization and, using my experience and the opportunities given to me, I started my coaching career in parallel. 


My mission is to offer my coachees an environment where they can be themselves with no fear of being judged. To be a companion on their path to fulfillment. To shed light on parts of themselves that may be in the shadows. I believe that the more we learn about ourselves, no matter what truths may come up, the better we become. As a coach, being present to such an unveiling of one’s potential will always be a privilege I am blessed to have. 


More about me here

Mirabela Maria

I make my living as a lawyer practicing business law. 

Malcom Gladwell once said "it's very hard to find someone who is successful and dislikes what they do. Except if they're a lawyer".


I used to agree with him. Until I realized I had the liberty to choose what my focus in this profession should be. For me, being a lawyer is more about human interaction than anything else. Believe it or not, lawyers are people too :) And, legal proficiency aside, the way we relate and connect to each other, to our clients, to our assistants, even to "Doamna Mariana", who cleans our office every day, determines the success of each project. And more importantly, it determines the quality of our lives.


There are many more choices involved in the way we live our everyday lives than we may want to acknowledge. I personally used to see many of these choices as a “default setting” or a “no opt out” situation. I have gradually learned to acknowledge and respect the presence and importance of choice in everything I do, at home or in the office.


Among my colleagues are some of the most engaged people I know. It’s a privilege, but it also makes for a visible disparity when compared to others who are less engaged.


It is clear to me that we do not all share the same resources. But I am convinced that each individual’s potential is far greater than what he or she has readily available to offer.

There are so many thoughts, beliefs, convictions constantly interfering with our best version of ourselves. Tapping into unleashed potential is a matter of personal choice. But witnessing and even contributing to this process is one of the most rewarding activities in the world. This is what I hope to able to do. Help discover and discard the interferences that prevent our potential from revealing itself. For myself, and for anyone who would trust me to accompany them on such a wonderful and challenging journey: the path to best self.


If you want to get in touch, just e-mail me at mirabela.mmaria@gmail.com

Alina Marian

I am an HR professional working with senior executive teams and talented leaders in developing their unique and authentic leadership style and improve results.

I am a strong believer of “Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”. I am here to accompany teams and individuals in becoming the best version of themselves. I strongly believe that we have all the resources we need and sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith into the unknown territory of our future reality. We all have dreams. But, too many of us are afraid of what lies within the mystery of “what if”.

I believe that challenges come to us just when we need them; we only need to be aware and understand what we need to learn from them, recognize our limiting beliefs and break the pattern in which we operate. I am a person who constantly looks for challenges both in my professional and personal life. I like to put energy in the things that are meaningful for me, being resilient when things don’t go as planned and learn from the shortcomings.

You can find my entire business background on my linkedin profile.

Anda Marian

I am a consultant. I work with major companies from all industries and their senior executives sharing my expertise in leadership development. I analyze their business models, audit the HR structures and determine fundamental, long lasting changes.

My last professional decade was in Executive Search and Executive Assessment, thus Career Advisory is a second nature as I assessed hundreds of people, guided them through complex business challenges and introduced them to future career steps. Coaching came naturally and I am passionate about guiding and sustaining the natural development of the one resource behind all types of business: people. 

 I was formed in a strongly commercial and highly effective approach. I managed people, budgets and complex projects, but my life - and the life stories people shared with me - showed me that it does not always sums up into numbers. It’s not always measurable.  It’s not about how fast we are, it’s all about values. And I strongly believe in the innate power of every and each of us to create our best reality, personally and professionally. My children taught me to see potential where it is not visible at first layer and to finally admit that we are not what we say we are, but what we do in our lives.

So… I listen, look close, mirror, and smile, build trust, allow, inspire…

We do not meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our paths for a reason. And so, eventually, all pieces will fall into place. ​

More about my professional background on my linkedin profile.

Alina Marin (ACC)

I remember myself as an education and volunteering passionate since the beginning. When I was 20 I had a great opportunity, as part of the core team in CROS (Universitatea Alternativa) to join a pilot program and work on myself,  for 3 month, with a coach. It was the first awakening experience, the first "back to me" step in a long, ongoing road.

I decided then that, at some point, I will be mature enough to guide other people on their road and sustain that safe place where they can become their best version.


So I've started my professional path, working in big companies from different industries (IT&C, Pharma, Oil&Gas) on different jobs (HR, Consultancy, Support), trying to understand how people differ, how are they similar and where is my role in all of this.


The most important thing I noticed is that all of us are facing the possibility to chose more often than we realize and that, sometimes, instead of making a conscious choice we go with the flow based on our past experience and believes. We ignore the crossroads and the infinite possibilities we have.

I believe in the courage needed to stop and admit "I don't know". There is so much power in not knowing and being able to stay there, explore the surroundings and decide the direction based on who you are now.

You can find me on Linkedin and Gmail: marin.s.alina@gmail.com.

Diana Mircea

I have spent more than 16 years in big companies as a Development Specialist, than Consultant, than Manager. I had ascending roles, always moving to the next career level. I managed processes, I developed procedures, I successfully faced audits. But never in my working life have I gone through more rewarding experiences than when working directly with people, accompanying them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. 


Going through Alis’ Transformational Coaching Program was absolutely transformational as at the end of the four months of looking into the mirror, of questioning and challenging myself I have managed to put into words the mission that I unawarely started when I first embarked on the corporate world as a development professional: opening doors for the people so that they dare be.


One may think that it took me a rather long time to come up with such simple words. It may be. At the same time, how can you open doors for others and see them through the threshold as long as you are still behind your own door? So, only after all these years and all the experiences that I have gone through, I now know that I have passed through my main door. At the same time I know there are so many other doors for me to open and cross and I am ready to continue my journey. What is most important for me now is that I am ready to accompany YOU throughout YOUR own journey.


You can find out more about my professional background here and you can contact me at: diana.burhala@gmail.com.


Since I am based in Luxembourg, face to face sessions in Romania may prove difficult to have. But since technology has long become a commodity, there will always be a way to meet.

Cristina Oțel

I am fascinated by the human mind and what lies behind our behaviors and decisions.

With over 10 years of experience in Learning & Development, as a specialist and manager, I designed and implemented training programs that best fit the development needs of the employees and built L&D strategies in alignment with the overall business strategy of the organization. After 12 years of working in one of the biggest IT multinational corporations today I make my contribution to the world as a freelance trainer and coach.

My mission as a professional trainer and coach is to create space for those who want to become more self-aware and accompany them in their journey of personal evolution, hoping that this will help them thrive and live flourishing lives. I understand the ups and downs of profound personal transformation having gone through the discomfort and the joy of it myself. Part of my evolutionary journey was the Mind Learners Coaching School.

As a trainer all of the programs I deliver include a focus on self-awareness: Personal Branding, Public Speaking, Life Design, Emotional Intelligence and Time Management.

As a coach I contain, give non-judgmental space, I listen, I challenge my clients and I completely and honestly trust that they have the internal resources to move forward. The methods I use are transformational coaching and evolutionary coaching.

I am the mother of two wonderful and loving children and I always look for ways to grow our relationship in a gentle, balanced and respectful way. Knowing how important it is for us parents to be self-aware so we don’t burden our children with our fears and limiting beliefs I am also actively involved in helping other parents in their journey back to themselves.

You can read more about me and my work on my blog or LinkedIn profile. Happy to get in touch here.

Ana Maria Pacioga

I am one of the coaches of Mind Learners first generation and in the same time a banking person, very passionate and dedicated to my daily work, having the chance to collaborate with many talented people from different areas, to coordinate teams in implementing projects within the multinational where I am working.


Over the last 4 years I invested lot of time and energy participating to different workshops, development trainings, conferences that supported me on the inner journey, to explore myself, to confront myself and to increase the consciousness. 


And now I am trying every day to integrate what I learned, to do what I love and to live a meaningful life at home and at work.


My coaching style is a kind and challenging one in the same time, using my intuition and having the belief that knowing the entire you may put structure and thus offering to my coachees freedom, space but also coherence, order, responsibility.


You can find me on Gmail and LinkedIn.

Lia Pavelescu

I am a dreamer and a true believer in the growth potential of each and every individual. 


I am also a manager of people and projects and I love most bringing coaching to my day to day work.

I have graduted the Mind Learners Coaching School, I am an ICF Member on the ICF Ceritifcation path and have become an Evolutionary Coaching Consultant accredited by the BVC (Barrett Values Center).


I enjoy facilitating workshops and talking about personal development and growth as well as about values. I love to read and sometimes write. 

I stay forever curious and want to learn more and more to improve myself.

Dancing is my "let go" zone and the space where I let my inner child play.


The focus of my work circles around values and love for people. I work to make a difference in the environment I am currently in.


This learning path has brought me to define my long-term mission which is to bring my energy, spirit, love and knowledge of values within the educational system.


If you'd like to know more or work together, contact me via Gmail (lia.pavelescu@gmail.com)


My Motto: "Drop by drop and beat by beat, I get moving toward my mission and by doing so also making a difference in the process. To myself and (hopefully) to others." 

Ioana Popa

In 2010 I started my career as a people manager in an IT multinational company. I didn’t realize then that I was walking on a path of self-discovery and learning – learning to look at myself and others without judgement, learning to see the unlimited potential and uniqueness of each person I had the opportunity to work with, learning to value the diverse, strong and sometimes inspiring personalities.

What led me to coaching is my passion to contribute to other people’s career growth and personal development. Both challenging and compassionate in style, I mindfully accompany my clients, team members and peers in their journey towards discovering their inner motivation, personal value and authenticity.

You can read more about me on Linkedin.

Alexandra Serediuc

”I am someone who is in pretty advanced stages of recovery after being, for many years, a serial perfectionist, occasional pesimist and frequent complicator of all things.



I often say I am everyday learning to just be a human being, to simplify things and to get back to the essence, and that keeps me engaged most of my time. I am in awe of life, pretty much like somebody who tastes chocolate - chip - caramel crunch - peanut butter ice-cream for the first time.


Most of my professional life so far has been in Human Resources in IT companies; this was – and still is – a rich experience, as it allows me to see the deep connections between the mindset and the life stories of people, and their work results. I feel happiest when I support leadership and top potential people to fulfill their mission and create positive changes in their lives and their communities.


I discovered coaching many years ago, and started practicing it in 2016. The people I work with tell me that they benefit from my ability to hold space for each and every one of their experiences and feelings; they feel safe, accepted and confident to be honest and show themselves. I am deeply honored when someone allows me to catch a glimpse of their soul; there is this saying that being heard is so close to being loved, that for many of us they are one and the same. I fall in love with people constantly, and that fuels me to continue my mission: to encourage people to accept themselves, to express themselves, and to live life as bold creators. To take chances, to follow dreams. To believe in things that are not yet manifested, and to stand against the odds with their hearts open. To be brave, not fearless.


As a coach, I am empathic and caring, but oh I will also challenge you. My intuition is fierce, so I won’t accept anything else than your most honest and best self. I want to work with you on profound changes, not just on feeling a bit better than yesterday.

And speaking of intuition, what do you feel inspired to acknowledge or do for yourself when reading these lines?


You can learn more about me and read my thoughts here: www.alexandraserediuc.ro (Romanian version) or here: www.alexandraserediuc.ro/en (English version).


I am within the distance of a few clicks and a couple of keyboard strokes; I seriously would love to support you on creating the life that you want!



Take good care of yourself!”

Carmen Sidon (ACC)

I believe that people are very strong and they have all the resources they need, in order to solve their problems and dilemmas, already inside themselves. I believe that the hard moments in our lives come exactly when we are ready to deal with them so we can move on, stronger, knowing ourselves better and being kinder to the person we see in the mirror. By becoming a coach, I have the great privilege of accompanying many extraordinary people on their journey to the best version of themselves. I feel very fortunate, as this also helps me on my own way to the best version of myself, because feel I learn something from every person I meet.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, I am a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master and, currently, I am on the ICF Associated Certified Coach certification path, after having graduated the first edition of the Mind Learners Coaching School. I have been a people manager in a multinational organization for 10 years, during which I have worked with hundreds of people, recruiting them on our team, designing their training schedules, helping them perform and grow in their roles and supporting them to prepare for further career opportunities. 


I practice Transformational Coaching, a method that takes into account the fact that all the aspects of a person’s life are closely linked together and that change in one area triggers change in all the other areas, one way or another. I respect the unique and personal rhythm of every person I coach, having full faith in his/her ability to discover, with me as a guide, the very best way to tackle any issue, in due time. I ask questions, I open doors to new perspectives, I wait patiently and without judgement for the answers to come. And they always do :).


More about me here. You can read my blog here: https://prezentulcontinuu.com

Matei Stănculescu

Matei is a certified coach, after graduating Mind Learners School in July 2018. He has been an entrepreneur for 5 years and in 2016 he founded Quantum Music, one of the most successful music labels in Romania. He has discovered, developed and supported top music stars such as Irina Rimes and has also brought investments of almost 2 million euros in the companies that he managed. Matei is a natural entertainer, having 14 years of experience in media groups such as Pro TV and TVR, where he has presented and produced prime time TV shows. In 2015, he won ZF Mobilio awards, presenting a revolutionary app for the sound industry. Matei has graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences from the University of Bucharest. One of his favourite past times is improvisation theatre, having performed in over 50 shows in the last 2 years, together with his improvisation group. 


Having managed both success and failure in his journey as an entrepreneur, Matei is well equipped to be a compassionate and trustworthy partner for his coaching clients in their own transformational journeys. After coordinating teams of up to 200 members, he has a deep understanding of the dynamics of people development. He enjoys supporting people understand their role and mission and finding the best ways to reach their goals. Also, in his work as a coach, Matei draws heavily on his experience with improvisation theatre, which helped him cultivate the magic of dancing in the moment, being present and embracing uncertainty as the birthplace of the biggest creative breakthroughs. 


You can read more about Matei's profile here. If you would like to explore having him as your coach, you can contact him at matei.stanculescu@gmail.com

Sabina Șelaru

My name is Sabina and am "peoplecholic" :) (and due to this, I am also Coach, Psychologist, Trainer, Career Counselor, Personal development Counsellor, Human Resources for over 12 years and HR Manager during the last 5 years).

I’ve loved people all my life, I love listening and talking to them, encouraging them, standing by them, developing and empowering them. My strong belief is that each person has unlimited potential, waiting to be discovered and explored. This is why I became a coach, to support people unleash their potential within. 

I began my journey as coach by discovering myself, by listening, accepting and loving myself, by discovering my own potential and getting threw my limits – they were limits only as long as I saw them as ones. I believe there is a lot of beauty inside each of us, sometimes we just need a little help to „wide the dust” in order to see the shining diamond within. 

Many people say „ I am shy”, or „I am week”, or „ I am nervous”. No, you are not. The shyness, weakness and nervousness are just manifestations of your feelings and thoughts, are just behaviors. You are not your behavior, because you can choose to change it anytime you (really) want. You are a beautiful human being, and you can always choose who you want to be. I am here to hold your hand through the most wonderful, yet unexpected, journey you will ever take – the journey of discovering yourself. 

My mission as coach is to maintain the light within me glowing and to share it to others in order to make their hearts open. I am just a click away, on my Facebook PageLinked In, and mail: despre_tine@outlook.com

Mirela Ștețco

Since I can remember myself, I have been raising people. I am a teacher. This is part of who I am, this what I am standing for, both for myself and for the world. I have always known that this what my life was going to be about. Still, Mind Learners Coaching Program had to happen for me to understand that there is also a different way of raising people, without so much struggle, without clenched fists, without considering that you way, your solutions, your truths are the only ones that matter.


What I know now is that you are brave when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, that you love only when you are not judging, when you don’t point fingers and that you are truly present in the lives of others and in your own life only when you truly listen (using your eyes, your ears, your heart, your entire being) and when you learn how to listen to yourself.


Every day I realize that there is nothing in my life more amazing, more joyful and meaningful than seeing a person making a conscious decision to discover and to unleash his or her potential. Together with some very young and courageous people from Teach for Romania I am learning constantly how valuable it is to have a transformational experience, an experience which first disintegrates you and then brings all the pieces back together and you become the leader your life, your children and your world need.  


It a great privilege for me to accompany these visionary heroes in their inner journey, as now, as a person who set herself free from own fears, I know that nothing is impossible.


The greatest gift for us is the glow in the children’s eyes when, by having beside a Teach teacher, they dare to dream again, to believe again in their future and to believe that they are the ones responsible for their own lives.


My lesson is a very simple one: to raise people means unleashing, not fixing, means inspiring and building up trust, not changing. And it also means growing yourself along with them….

Olga Udrea

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Fascinated about people and the developing mind, I am a psychotherapist and coach. I have recently founded Mind Initiative, where I work with individuals and groups to accomplish their full potential for development and self-discovery. Alumna London School of Economics and Political Science and The Neuroscience Academy, my background combines various educational systems with practical multicultural and non-governmental experiences.

My professional journey started in Media and Communication and after ten years of working with brands and corporate companies, I had decided it was time for a change. Thus a career shift followed as well as a new journey for me. Beside my private therapy practice, I am part of the Learning Society team as a learning architect, designing projects for skill and talent development, working with teams and managers achieve their objectives for performance and change. As a neuroscience enthusiast, I am exploring the field focusing on Neuroleadership for a better understanding of human drive and motivation for behaviour and effective interaction. 

I am a strong believer in lifelong learning while stimulating curiosity and creativity, as well as fostering the development of socio-emotional skills. This makes our society move forward, makes us better, wiser, committed to ourselves and to others. And is one of the reasons why I have been part and I continue to support social and educational projects.

I am passionate about jazz and contemporary art. When I'm not with my clients or training, you can find me reading a book or on a yoga mattress. Find more about my work here or how to contact me here.

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