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Our alumni

Adriana Mitucă

I will start with my favourie quote “Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen”. Because I do believe that each of us has all the necessary resources to succeed in life. And, at the same time, each of us owes – for this miracle called life – a dose of unconditional trust.

Who am I? A human being, like you: with dreams, hobbies, concerns, achievements and battles. I “possess” a very energetic inner child, with a quite present playful spirit. I love to read, to discover new places and cultures, to make presents and to eat homemade cookies.

I have learned, from my hard and incredibly beautiful journey, that once you experience something, it is almost impossible to act exactly like before, it is almost impossible not to let transformation embrace you! And maybe that’s why I’ve became passionate to also guide the transformation process for others. And to be there, in their “A-ha!” moments is a real privilege for me!

My mission as a coach is to be a clean mirror for my coachees, warm light for their hidden seeds and like an old turtle when it comes to patience.

If you want to know me in figures, I can tell you that I manage people for over 13 years, I am HR manager in a multinational company since 2019, I am an accredited counselor for personal development since 2015, I graduated Theta Healing Course in 2015, NLP Practitioner in 2016, Mind Learners Coaching School in 2019 and until now I have guided around 200 therapy & coaching sessions.

More about me here.


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