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Our alumni

Ana Maria Răducanu

I practice being a living experiment, here for the transformation of human experience. My work is in service of Nature, by integrating Inner and Outer Ecology.

After 10 years of being active in alternative learning environments, I travelled the world guided by the question: "How come that, even if we human beings are so creative, beautiful and full of potential, how come that we are creating so much suffering in the world? "

This question has guided me to visit and live in various ecovillages around the world, including Auroville in India. Being in these cultures that have redesigned their lifestyles around being more connected to Nature, has transformed me. I have committed to align my life with bringing more connection and integrity with our true Nature.

My current practice includes working with plants and bringing alive the emotional body with tools from the Possibility Management context. At the heart of my work is the Love of Nature and the possibility of Radical Responsibility - that we can be fully alive and aware about who we truly are and that will transform our life towards our highest future possibility.

I am a spaceholder for these values and practices at Magazin Zero Waste București, the only zero waste shop in Romania designed on consciousness-based tools for daily choices.

You can reach me at: and +40769290988


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