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Our alumni

Ionela Vîlceanu

I will start by saying that coaching has been a journey for myself. It started in 2018 and it has continued to this day, being the companion of my everyday life.

Since I started to become a coach (and the journey continues), I have changed my life in the deepest details: the job I had, the country I lived in, the way I approached decisions, the way I approached my family. Coaching has brought me closer to myself than I have ever been.

I have experience with transformational and systemic coaching and what I love most about both is that during the coaching sessions we get to work with what we have right now and make the best of it. When we reach a new level of awareness during the coaching session we create an energy that cannot be obtained in any other framework. This energy is the enabler of new behaviour patterns, new ways of thinking and new perspectives.

Beside coaching, I have 20 years business experience (hard to believe this number:)) both in multinational and startup environments as a leader for technical team (#womenintech) and board member (#femalefounder), but most of all I have experienced both success and failure, happiness and loss, make it and break it.

For more reference here is my Linkedin profile:

You can contact me at


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