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Monica Apostol

My aim is to create a space where vulnerability meets creativity and hope, and where acceptance and authenticity thrive. I accompany my clients on their path to self-development, whether their objectives are personal, or job related.

I believe that life is a journey towards self-discovery and that all aspects of our lives give us the opportunity to evolve and to understand ourselves better.

So often we consume our patience, creativity, and energy in ways that don’t serve us, for example by thinking about the worst-case scenarios, guessing what others might believe of us, or keeping the illusion of being in control. We sabotage ourselves; we are thorn between parts of ourselves that dare to feel proud and voices that tell us we are impostors. Some of us go through life thinking that there is something wrong with us or that we are alone in feeling and thinking these things.

As a transformational coach I want to help my clients get unstuck through discovering and unwiring the limiting beliefs, perceptions and filters that are no longer helping them and by guiding them to find ways of tapping into their unexplored potential. Together with my clients, we shed light on all corners of the self to find answers and inspiration. I believe in everyone’s ability to define new perspectives and reroute energy into what helps them move towards their goals.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication and PR, a master’s degree in Management and Business Communication and I graduated from the Mind Learners Coaching School.

Still a full-time employee in a large multinational company, I have 15+ years of experience in outsourcing and HR Services through roles in execution & delivery, operational & people management, transition & transformation, and solution architecture.

You can reach me via Email, Facebook, or LinkedIn


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