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Our alumni

Oana Ivașcu

I believe people deserve to feel free in their lives and have space for what makes their soul bloom. As a Productivity Coach, I help driven professionals, level up their energy and master their personal productivity.

This becomes possible by uncovering the root causes of procrastination, overwhelm such as perfectionism, lack of clarity, mental clutter. I contribute to creating a new identity that embodies the mindset of a person who has ownership of her time and chooses to get essential things done. I’m not for hustle or toxic productivity, but more for ease and flow and creating a life you’ll want to wake up to every day instead of escaping from it! I believe that by bringing zen in the process it is more likely to have success and to enjoy your time.

Since I know myself, I enjoyed being involved in different roles where I could experience new things, learn and get to the next milestone in my growth journey. This came up with the need to be effective, to focus on the essential things, to create processes that streamline work and optimize personal resources. I love planning and I'm constantly working on being effective through creating and implementing easy, simple systems that really work. This helped me to be successful and also make room for myself & my family. It’s so fulfilling to feel free to enjoy your life knowing every important thing has its own space in your life and they all cover your most significant roles. For me at least, it brings a peace of calm from where I can be present, creative and authentic.

Outside of the coaching world, I consider myself a curious & continuous learner, I’m experienced in 3 areas of IT industry: software development, mentorship & product management. What I enjoyed most was to see how I can move things forward and positively impact people, so they can dare to dream of their future best self, how I can join them in their journey, contribute to their mindset shifts. Seeing their glowing faces when they have insights is by far one of my greatest rewards.

Mind Learners was the first school I’ve chosen, previous ones where schools I thought I “have” to do them. I (re)discovered the joy of learning. I’ve learned to actively listen, to offer space and to partner with the coachee in its own unique journey. It was also part of my personal growth journey, which I’m doing continuously, so I can easily adapt to change, shift perspectives and inspire other people to get out of their usual way of doing things. I would be happy to join you in your journey either through private coaching, or through my group programs.

You can read more about me and my work on my LinkedIn profile. Happy to get in touch here:


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