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Ramona Palcus

I am Ramona Palcus, and my friends and family call me Ram.

Throughout history, different meanings have been associated with this Sanskrit word, Ram. It has been described as a reorientation to one’s true, purest self or the essence of who you are when you realize your true self, a person with a purity of mind, commitment to acting righteously, with wisdom and compassion for ALL That There Is.

I believe there is no coincidence that I get often called Ram, as I easily identify myself with the Sanskrit meaning of my name. Moreover, this comes hand in hand with my mission to create a safe space and accompany people on their personal journeys to self-awareness, acceptance, learning, re-connecting with their true self, with their emotions and core principles. I am happy to act as a facilitator for them, helping them balance various aspects of their life and achieve higher levels of physical and mental well-being and health. Kindness, empathy and compassion are among my core values and I am happy to live my mission of connecting with people from the space of the heart.

As I continuously strive to gain new insights and refreshed knowledge, I have developed to be a Learning Consultant and Trainer, while serving as a Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador. My certifications include a badge as an ICF Associated Certified Coach, besides being a Neuromindfulness Certified Coach, currently on the path of gaining an additional Neuro-Linguistic Programming certification.

My vision is simple: I strive to bring together people with various backgrounds in a common mind and workplace, regardless of their ethnicity, mindset, shape or gender, religion, sexual orientations. My purpose is to facilitate and enhance communication among them as unique, yet equally important contributors to the wellbeing of our community, and thus help build stronger teams, increase collaboration, promote higher performance to a point where our common work and interaction becomes "A CELEBRATION OF HUMANITY".

Check out more about me on: Linkedin.


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