Our alumni

Simona Adam

I am a coach, a consultant, and a future psychologist and psychotherapist.

My biggest joy is in working with people and helping them gain clarity and meaning. I do this with empathy, patience, and a lack of judgment.

When we know ourselves and know where we want to go, with confidence and openness, it is easier to explore the path that makes sense to us, isn't it? In parallel with my studies in political sciences and business communication, I started working across sectors: in business, NGOs, and public administration (as part of the technocratic government back in 2016).

I acted as a community builder, marcomm & CSR professional, project & program manager, even as a researcher. At the beginning of my career, I was just searching for a purpose in work, being a savior instead of understanding my own needs. Putting myself first was something I had to learn the hard way, but made all the difference! Coaching really helped me in this process.

You can contact me and read more about my professional journey on my website, on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or e-mail.