More minds are usually better than one! But, as we all know it, that doesn’t always happen. We’ll help you boost your team’s effectiveness by maximizing the value of collective thinking.
In our work with teams, we use business and survival simulations, as well as behavioral questionnaires from two of the world leading providers of psychometric and assessment instruments –
Human Synergistics and SHL .

Also, we use team coaching as an effective tool to enhance your team’s performance and ensuring the momentum of change is kept over time. 
For details about our training and coaching programs for teams, please contact us directly.

Development & Team Coaching

More people, working together, can be more creative and effective than any of them working separately, This is the reason behind the existence of all successful teams. However, not seldom do teams sabotage individual performance instead of enhancing it. We have set out to find the answer as to why that is so and to provide teams with tools to overcome unproductive group patterns. 

Too often, teams suffer because members are unaware of how their own emotions influence the ways they interact with each-other.

Today neuro-science can provide explanations and solutions to complex interpersonal problems. We now know more than ever before on why and how our emotions cloud our judgement or the tricks our own brains play upon us all the time. 

We have created this workshop in order to bring these answers from the realm of science into business, offering teams practical instruments that can help solve communication issues between members and increase team synergy.

This workshop's objectives are: 

  • Building an atmosphere of trust inside the team.

  • Increasing team members’ awareness of the emotional mechanisms that influence communication between them.

  • Finding ways to change the existing behavioral patterns that prove unproductive and increase team synergy

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