Mind Learners is a training and coaching company founded in 2011 from a deep passion for people and the workings of their minds. 

It's mission is to support people in discovering that their minds are truly their greatest treasures and to facilitate development through self-knowledge.  At Mind Learners we use the newest discoveries from neuroscience and psychology to create powerful workshops where self-discovery lies at the heart of the learning process. Executive coaching and team coaching are also a big part of what we do and often we blend training and coaching seamlessly into the learning solutions we provide to our clients. 


Our clients range from individuals concerned with their own development to large corporations in search of a different way of supporting the development of their employees. We always tailor our learning solutions around our customers' specific needs, so no people development program will be identical with another. 

If you have a specific question about your organisation or your own development, let's talk!