Our coaching school

for your mind, heart, body and spirit

Our mission is to prepare exceptional coaches capable of facilitating profound transformation for the people they will work with and for the organizations they serve.

About the program

Since 2015, we have been selecting individuals who are deeply motivated not to do coaching, but to become compassionate, dedicated,  outstanding coaches.


Our participants are senior managers or professionals who have both the maturity and the determination to integrate the knowledge they receive and become change agents in the world around them.

We believe that you cannot instill change if you don't change yourself. This is why during the program we place great emphasis on self-awareness.


Our instructors provide individual coaching to each participant, in addition to all the feed-forward and mentoring on their coaching skills. This ensures that our coaches have had a transformative experience as a coachee. 


In a nutshell

2 enrollments per year
4 months long
160 hours of study overall

16 participants (max) per group
4 pillars: Mind, Heart, Body & Spirit
Approved by ICF at ACSTH level

The enrollment is on a rolling basis  

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Approved by ICF 

We bulit the program in accordance with the guidelines and competencies of the International Coach Federation, and approved by ICF at ACSTH level,

Neuroscience infusion

We bring together a unique blend of concepts from neuroscience, psychology, and transpersonal coaching to offer you a comprehensive view of what coaching can be.

Admision based

We run an admission process while we explore your intention and motivation and to make sure we find the right fit with the rest of the group and with our program's mission.

Two new classes starting:
September 2022

The enrollment is on a rolling basis  

Over 150 students

Many of them have created transformational projects in their own teams or companies or they designed beautiful cross-organizational initiatives by deciding to work together in meaningful ways.

Clarity & courage

This is a fascinating journey of your transformation. At the end of the program, you will have clarified your unique coaching approach and you will be supported to set it into practice.

Bi annual

We run the program from February to June and September to December in Bucharest (in Romanian).

Exact dates are set one month before the start of the program.

Change is a force in and on its own.

You can let it wash over you, or you can harness it and watch the magic happen.

To me, being fully alive implies opening up and making space for transformation.

I’ve started to build my own relationship with change a decade ago, and it’s a work in progress. I believe it’s a lifetime’s work to become mentally agile, wise, and grounded in the face of volatility. (I’m fine with that).


One of my most recent and wholehearted leaps into change was last year when I decided to attend the Mind Learners Transformational Coaching Program.

I was hoping to get some new tools that'd help me decide on a clear career path, instead of the pendulum of the past years: marketing, nutrition & fitness, then marketing again.

Well, it happened.  Things fell into place through deep, tough, relentless exploration. I’ve identified how I can bring a meaningful contribution to the world, and coaching plays a big part in this. But that’s not even the most exciting part.


They say the program is transformational, and it truly is.

It enables you to go down the rabbit hole of your own personal history, to meet your inner enemies and allies, to challenge your beliefs, and forge deep connections with like-minded people.  The real transformation, to me, happened on what I can only identify as a spiritual level. Simon Sinek recently said about faith: “my favorite definition of faith is knowing that I’m on a team, though I don’t necessarily know all the players”.


This program showed me that my team is out there.

We share a vision of a world where people cultivate the light and gently tune out the darkness, and we are one step closer to making it happen.

Change is a team sport, after all.

Ilinca Doinea

Growth Coach and Trainer @Growth Tribe Academy


If you're seriously thinking about joining the School and were wondering how the experience feels from the perspective of the participants, almost 60 of our alumni are open to having a chat with you. Drop us a note and we'll connect you with one of them.

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