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Our story


As the years passed, the mission of the Mind Learners Coaching school has broadened. Coaching became better known as a tool of transformation and growth both inside and outside the corporate environment and more and more people started to see it as a means of making an impact in their own lives and in the lives of others.


So, we started receiving applications from amazing people activating in various fields: the corporate world on all levels, business consulting, education, community development, psychotherapy, medicine, freelancing, and entrepreneurship. It has been a huge privilege to accompany every single one of them on their journey to becoming amazing coaches.

The Mind Learners Transformational Coaching Program became more than a coaching school. Now, it is a place of growth for conscious leaders, both in the formal and informal sense, a safe spot for genuine connection among people who want to use their strengths to serve others, a community of change agents who do good in the world around them, regardless of their job or role.


The story of the Mind Learners Coaching School began in 2015, with Alis's dream: to prepare exceptional coaches, capable of facilitating profound transformation within the organizations they served and for the people they worked with.


Carmen and Alecsandra were part of this dream from the beginning, first as students, then as program enthusiasts and coaching practitioners, until they joined Alis as facilitators and mentors for the school’s students.

We all believe that profound change comes from within, which is why the program was initially designed for senior leaders and HR professionals who could use coaching as a means of transforming their teams and organizations to achieve greater performance and employee satisfaction and make a difference in the world.

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Built-in accordance with the guidelines and competencies of the International Coach Federation, and approved by ICF at ACSTH level, this program has a unique structure, revolving around four pillars: Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit.


We bring together a unique blend of concepts from neuroscience, psychology, and transpersonal coaching to offer participants a comprehensive view of what coaching can be.


The program consists of 160 hours of synchronous and asynchronous study. Mentoring and feedback are included.


Your entry into the program is subject to an admission process consisting of a detailed discussion with one of us, to determine your intention and motivation to enter this learning journey. This way we make sure we find the right fit with the rest of the group and with the mission and vision of this program.


We run the program from February to June and September to December in Bucharest (in Romanian). Exact dates are set one month before the start of the program.

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