Mind Learners is a training and company specialised in using the latest research in neuroscience, positive and developmental psychology to create leadership development programs where self-awareness takes centre stage.


Our mission is to increase leaders’ levels of consciousness through transformational learning experiences. 


Since 2011, thousands of leaders have attended our workshops, we coached hundreds of managers, and, through the Transformational Coaching Program we have helped build a community of leaders committed to becoming agents of positive change in their teams, companies and beyond. 

We hold a deep belief that by being more aware of ourselves, we can actually become not just happier, but also more responsible, more caring of others, more conscious of our impact in the world and more capable of actively choosing to make that impact a positive one.


Conscious leaders build businesses that are not only profitable, but also ethical and sustainable, businesses that not only grow, but also nurture the wellbeing of their employees and become forces for good in the communities they touch. Through our learning programs, we aim to bring our contribution to supporting this shift towards higher consciousness in the business world. 


Knowing the WHY, makes any HOW possible!

If people were icebergs, the hidden side of them, the part underneath the water, would be far greater than the visible part above. What we have learned over the past years is that people do resemble icebergs. We can see their appearance, their behaviours, but most times we have no idea what lies underneath.

What are their beliefs?
Their values?
Their fears?
What are their past experiences that drive their behavior?
how does their
mind work?
why do they do what they do every day and how can they change?

We have trouble answering these questions when it comes to others and sometimes even more so when it comes to ourselves.

This is why we have set out to create learning programs that answer these questions, that shed light on what lies underneath the water.