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Our alumni

Adela Iliescu

I have complete faith in the inner drive to evolve by meeting our needs in relationships (with ourselves and others). All of the social, cultural, physiogical, mental, transgenerational contexts or relationships push & pull us to improve, be better, wiser, happier, smarter, stronger, healthier, wealthier.. that means also to evolve, at different standards, using different strategies, but most of the times they create also conflicts. The coaching school provided me with a new set of tools to clarify, voice and make steps in the direction of my unique evolution, at my own standards in terms of values, needs, intentions and strategies, in honest and trusting relationships.

Currently I am integrating, practicing and living as a perfectly imperfect human by mixing and using coaching skills with nonviolent communication practice in my day to day.

The thing that I love most about coaching is that it's based on a safe relationship.

And the quality and ethics of that relationship sets the ground for the inner drive to flame and flourish in the most life loving way, both for the coachee and the coach, using the right set of skills. What an honor!

My mission as a coach is to support and contain the coachee and our relationship in an encouraging and liberating manner.

I strive to connect with presence, intuition, honesty and authentic expression.

And if you are inspired by my approach and you would like to work together, you can contact me at :


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