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Our alumni

Mihaela Alexandrescu

My name is Mihaela Alexandrescu and I'm an Experienced Human Resources Professional. After 10 years of hard work and long hours spent in the corporate environment, I decided to take a leap to freelancing, putting my creativity, knowledge, and love for people in the service of what I believe is a higher purpose. I am grateful for everything that the multinational corporate environment has taught me and looking forward to my new adventure. The Transformational Coaching Program opened a whole new range of opportunities to develop myself and accompany others on their growth journeys as well. I continue my career in HR as an independent People Advisor helping small businesses to offer the best possible employer experience to their employees through recruitment, motivation, training, wellbeing, communication, structured and engaging approaches on performance management and many more. Coaching is a primary tool I use in my profession as I truly believe it is the right way to accompany people in building their own strong careers and stay loyal to an employer who puts employees at the heart of its business. I am a dedicated and hard working person and, at the same time, I put a lot of energy, passion, and soul in everything I do. My leap to freelancing has come from my inner need to have the freedom to do things the way I feel is right for the people I'm fortunate to be an HR for. I finally acknowledged what others' feedback had been telling me all along - that I'm different. I do things differently and I have a lot to give to this world. While just starting to put the foundation of my own company, I continue my coaching development through reading, learning, and lots of hours of practice. Beyond my passion for developing people, I'm a translator, bringing novels to a new life from English to my native language and combining my passion for reading with my original profession (I’m an Italian – English University graduate). Also, I’ve been writing for more than 10 years now on my personal blog . For more information on my professional journey, you can also visit my LinkedIn profile here. I thank the world for every person that I met and had a larger or smaller contribution to who I am today and I am fully conscious of how important it is to have unconditional support at the right time in one's life. If I can offer you that support on your own personal and professional growth journey, I'd be happy to be in touch at


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