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Our alumni

Ionuț Ardeleanu

Not long ago I used to think I knew it all. However, life was going to prove me wrong... A while ago I chose to look at myself and at the world with a fresh pair of eyes, with a beginner’s mind. I started to become curious about my attachments and aversions translated into habits and reactions. Many times, this kind of self-obervation was unpleasant and disturbing, until I realized all of my discoveries about myself, even when I didn't like them, make up what makes me a human being. In this process of realization, it become obvious that contained in my body, mind and soul lie the senses, emotions and thoughts shaping who I am. Acknowledging them, I open the opportunity to self-observe and put myself in a position to choose, thus, remodel my habits, reconsider my reactions. By being curious about myself, I have become more free. As a coach, I accompany others in discovering their own freedom. You can read more about me, here.


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