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Our alumni

Alexandra Culicovschi

7 years ago, I have reached a turning point in my life when I started to ask myself (heart and mind) - who am I? After almost 10 years of purely HR corporate mindset & focus, I have started a purpose searching journey, with my mind, heart and soul working hand in hand as partners. In my journey so far, I became a mother, I have studied Psychology, I completed the Transformational Coaching program and got my ACC certification, I have completed a formative program in Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy, I have enrolled in personal analysis, I changed jobs and industries.

A rollercoaster of actions and emotions started, leading me to one clear purpose: I want to be an enabler, a partner for those who trust me to accompany them during certain moments of their life.

My beliefs and principles when it comes to coaching are: the coaching relationship is essential in the process; the client has the resources/internal levers to progress toward the desired goal, they need support to connect/reconnect with them; the coach creates a space of trust and openness, where the client can freely express, explore and test new perspectives, enabling them to achieve what they set their mind and heart to.

I believe that there are valuable lessons around us, many that occur for us to progress, and, once we are open to accept this, we can make the most of the experiences and enrich us as human beings.

You can find more about me here and, fi you'd like to be in touch, you can email me at


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