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Our alumni

Alexandra Serediuc

”I am someone who is in pretty advanced stages of recovery after being, for many years, a serial perfectionist, occasional pesimist and frequent complicator of all things. I often say I am everyday learning to just be a human being, to simplify things and to get back to the essence, and that keeps me engaged most of my time. I am in awe of life, pretty much like somebody who tastes chocolate - chip - caramel crunch - peanut butter ice-cream for the first time. Most of my professional life so far has been in Human Resources in IT companies; this was – and still is – a rich experience, as it allows me to see the deep connections between the mindset and the life stories of people, and their work results. I feel happiest when I support leadership and top potential people to fulfill their mission and create positive changes in their lives and their communities. I discovered coaching many years ago, and started practicing it in 2016. The people I work with tell me that they benefit from my ability to hold space for each and every one of their experiences and feelings; they feel safe, accepted and confident to be honest and show themselves. I am deeply honored when someone allows me to catch a glimpse of their soul; there is this saying that being heard is so close to being loved, that for many of us they are one and the same. I fall in love with people constantly, and that fuels me to continue my mission: to encourage people to accept themselves, to express themselves, and to live life as bold creators. To take chances, to follow dreams. To believe in things that are not yet manifested, and to stand against the odds with their hearts open. To be brave, not fearless. As a coach, I am empathic and caring, but oh I will also challenge you. My intuition is fierce, so I won’t accept anything else than your most honest and best self. I want to work with you on profound changes, not just on feeling a bit better than yesterday.

And speaking of intuition, what do you feel inspired to acknowledge or do for yourself when reading these lines? You can learn more about me and read my thoughts here: (Romanian version) or here: (English version). I am within the distance of a few clicks and a couple of keyboard strokes; I seriously would love to support you on creating the life that you want! Take good care of yourself!”


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