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Our alumni

Alexandra Sucioaia

I have always felt that freedom is the best way we can have the life we are meant to have.

Early in life I understood that I have the potential to connect with people profoundly and provide a loving space for them to feel heard and seen. I did not know then this could be such a special gift in this world, but as the years went by, life brought me places and experiences that were centered around understanding, developing and guiding others to their own potential of living life the fullest.

My professional journey enriched my life with beautiful, some of them quite revolutionary, projects in learning, focusing on training, mentorship programs, facilitation and designing customised learning experiences from scratch in companies and as a volunteer in educational projects. You can check out my linkedin for details. Coaching was the icing on the cake and with a good intention & good luck I found MindLearners who provided me with the type of coaching that suits my kind of life approach: transformational.

My initiatic journeys in Amazon (Peru), in Nepal and other faraway, but close to heart, places combined with my curiosity about mind deconditioning and hobbies like dancing, painting and acting created space inside to follow my heart and honour my values and life mission:

"To live life fully and follow the road to inner freedom with trust and courage: to be my true self, without conditioning and to lovingly support others to do the same and be the masters of their own lives"


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