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Our alumni

Alina Kasprovski

I have dedicated my professional life to developing communities in our city, as a founder of the Bucharest Community Foundation.

For 10 years, we have financially supported more than 500 projects to become a reality. This venture required not just money. In a country that is fast burning the gap towards more experienced communities, human development is at the center of our work. It involves growing the level of trust within the society, but also the level of self-worth and self-confidence of community leaders.

The coaching school offered me tools to work with people in our community and support them as leaders and human beings. And it helped me recognize this work as a development opportunity, rather than something that needed fixing.

In truth, this process started not in school, but only when I began to allow my own growth. To see myself as an ever-evolving imperfect being. To consider my development journey, not as a roadmap towards being "done", but as a process that will never end. That can be fun at times. That I can direct at my own pace and in the places I am attracted to.

Today, in my team, and the extended community we are serving, I work on impact, performance and well-being. On how they can be intertwined, rather than compete against each other. And I do this respectfully for the persons in front of me, their own journeys and pace.

At the Foundation, we believe we can build a community where we feel at home. Coaching helped me see this starts with feeling at home in our own lives - and raising our environment at the same level. This is what I want to spend my life doing.

You can find me at, or riding my food scooter on the bike lanes of Bucharest.

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