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Our alumni

Alina Marian

I am an HR professional working with senior executive teams and talented leaders in developing their unique and authentic leadership style and improve results. I am a strong believer of “Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”. I am here to accompany teams and individuals in becoming the best version of themselves. I strongly believe that we have all the resources we need and sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith into the unknown territory of our future reality. We all have dreams. But, too many of us are afraid of what lies within the mystery of “what if”.

I believe that challenges come to us just when we need them; we only need to be aware and understand what we need to learn from them, recognize our limiting beliefs and break the pattern in which we operate. I am a person who constantly looks for challenges both in my professional and personal life. I like to put energy in the things that are meaningful for me, being resilient when things don’t go as planned and learn from the shortcomings. You can find my entire business background on my linkedin profile.


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