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Our alumni

Alina Marin (ACC)

I remember myself as an education and volunteering passionate since the beginning. When I was 20 I had a great opportunity, as part of the core team in CROS (Universitatea Alternativa) to join a pilot program and work on myself, for 3 month, with a coach. It was the first awakening experience, the first "back to me" step in a long, ongoing road. I decided then that, at some point, I will be mature enough to guide other people on their road and sustain that safe place where they can become their best version. So I've started my professional path, working in big companies from different industries (IT&C, Pharma, Oil&Gas) on different jobs (HR, Consultancy, Support), trying to understand how people differ, how are they similar and where is my role in all of this. The most important thing I noticed is that all of us are facing the possibility to chose more often than we realize and that, sometimes, instead of making a conscious choice we go with the flow based on our past experience and believes. We ignore the crossroads and the infinite possibilities we have. I believe in the courage needed to stop and admit "I don't know". There is so much power in not knowing and being able to stay there, explore the surroundings and decide the direction based on who you are now. You can find me on Linkedin and Gmail:


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