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Our alumni

Ana Maria Pacioga

I am one of the coaches of Mind Learners first generation and in the same time a banking person, very passionate and dedicated to my daily work, having the chance to collaborate with many talented people from different areas, to coordinate teams in implementing projects within the multinational where I am working. Over the last 4 years I invested lot of time and energy participating to different workshops, development trainings, conferences that supported me on the inner journey, to explore myself, to confront myself and to increase the consciousness. And now I am trying every day to integrate what I learned, to do what I love and to live a meaningful life at home and at work. My coaching style is a kind and challenging one in the same time, using my intuition and having the belief that knowing the entire you may put structure and thus offering to my coachees freedom, space but also coherence, order, responsibility. You can find me on Gmail and LinkedIn.


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