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Our alumni

Anca Băbăneață

I am Anca and I am a thinker. Value driven. Performance oriented. Constant learner. Learning that my journey in life has often been about how I look at what lies ahead and what I make of the present. Believing in myself and those around me, pushing myself, facing my own barriers and obstacles, with the discomfort that that brings. Getting past what keeps me standing. Finding the place inside me I where I know I have, or where I can find, all the resources I need to move forward. Although, not so easy sometimes. My professional journey has been transforming. 20 amazing years, mostly in financial services, but also NGOs. And counting. Over the years, I’ve moved from roles of technical expert in the insurance and reinsurance industry to managing people. 10 years of management, the last 8 as CEO, I have learned the value of taking a step aside now and then and looking at myself. What am I doing right and what wrong? What works and what doesn’t. What makes me happy and what makes me grow. What keeps me standing. Where can I do more? Change the perspective. Learn from those around me. Create meaningful relationships. And I keep learning. And growing. As a coach, I am here, next to you, in your journey. I am positive, insightful and truthful. Believing in you, challenging you, empowering you. You can reach me at


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