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Our alumni

Anca Purdel

I am a trainer and coach, focusing on team development using different methods, ranging from “classic” team coaching tools to business applied improv, Lego serious play or even board games especially created for teams to connect over a common goal.

During the past 15 years I have been lucky to work in training industry and to meet more than 10.000 people from over 50 organizations, from entrepreneurs to big corporations, delivering more than 5.000 hours of training and team events and 100 hours of 1 on 1 sessions. These interactions have taught me that every one of us has so much potential, yet sometimes so little confidence in ourselves, in our instincts, in our co-workers, or the things we already know. We get caught in over-thinking, limited beliefs, things that might have worked in the past (and now don’t), and sometimes we feel stuck. It’s only human. Understanding this might be the first step for transforming your life.

During my professional career in learning and development I went from training support to project manager, to marketing, to business development manager, to being a trainer and coach, as part of two training companies. I only missed the financial department (luckily, as my math skills are terrible). Knowing few things about a lot of areas in the training industry got me feeling very insecure a few years back. I was unhappy with my professional life and stuck, not knowing who I was anymore. I could say coaching saved my life, but it sounds a little bit too much.

Talking to a coach I have learned to look at those limiting beliefs from a different perspective, becoming thankful for they helped me a lot in the past, adding some new (more adequate) ones, and being more courageous in all the aspects of my life. In the end, knowing few things about a lot of things helped me open my own business, accepting that there are things I don’t know and that’s ok, and being more curious about the things I want to learn more about. It is just a matter of perspective.

Sometimes you need a partner and some good questions to reveal what you already know inside yourself.

You can reach me at:



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