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Our alumni

Anda Marian

I am a consultant. I work with major companies from all industries and their senior executives sharing my expertise in leadership development. I analyze their business models, audit the HR structures and determine fundamental, long lasting changes. My last professional decade was in Executive Search and Executive Assessment, thus Career Advisory is a second nature as I assessed hundreds of people, guided them through complex business challenges and introduced them to future career steps. Coaching came naturally and I am passionate about guiding and sustaining the natural development of the one resource behind all types of business: people. I was formed in a strongly commercial and highly effective approach. I managed people, budgets and complex projects, but my life - and the life stories people shared with me - showed me that it does not always sums up into numbers. It’s not always measurable. It’s not about how fast we are, it’s all about values. And I strongly believe in the innate power of every and each of us to create our best reality, personally and professionally. My children taught me to see potential where it is not visible at first layer and to finally admit that we are not what we say we are, but what we do in our lives. So… I listen, look close, mirror, and smile, build trust, allow, inspire… We do not meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our paths for a reason. And so, eventually, all pieces will fall into place. ​ More about my professional background on my linkedin profile.


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