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Our alumni

Andra Olaru

Hi, I’m Andra, Wellbeing Coach and Vertical Development practitioner. My mission is to help young people become their favorite self and break the mental patterns that keep them stuck in places and situations that don’t align with their values.

My 9+ years experience as a Software Engineer thought me how to patiently navigate complex situations and my analytical skills enable me to be a trustworthy partner in your developmental journey. Many people feel alone when dealing with frustrating dilemmas, but I am here to support you. We will move at your own pace, always taking into account both your mind’s and your heart’s needs. I will offer you a safe space where you can find the courage to experiment new behaviours and look at situations from new perspectives. As a Positive Intelligence® facilitator, I can guide you through an intensive mental fitness program where you will learn to intercept your negative self-talk and rephrase it with love and empowerment.

In my free time you’ll probably find me taking care of my plants or reading a good book. Nature is freedom for me and hiking is one of the many activities that help me re-center and release the stress of a long week.

You can read more about me on and on my LinkedIn page. For tips and educational content you can find me on Instagram. I am always happy to answer questions, so if you want to schedule a quick, no strings attached call, feel free to contact me at


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