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Our alumni

Andreea Birou Amiceanu

A good friend of mine once told me: “I am sick and tired to be advised by everybody as if everyone else is a specialist in my life, but me, and they all know better what is right and what is wrong for (with) me.

Her words stuck with me for years. In the beginning I couldn’t understand why she was so upset with everyone who just gave their best to advise and help her.

I didn’t know back then.

I know now.

Giving advise or imposing our opinion when nobody specifically asked for it is taking that person’s power and leading to whatever we think is right. But when we do that, we apply our own filters, our own values, our own experience, and we don’t allow that person to look deep inside to find his/her/their own solutions, ideas, strengths. We don’t allow that person to grow & evolve.

I learned that through self development counseling, transformational coaching school and a lot of coaching practice. And I add these to my financial background of +16 years working in financial auditing & controlling to make sure that I don’t just advice people who come to me with financial topics.

What I do is ensure a safe space for them to discover their stories related to money, their own limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns built in time, as well as their inner values and strengths, to boost their financial education in order to gain financial peace and freedom.

You can find out more about me, my professional background, and my work on LinkedIn, Facebook and FB.

If you would like to contact me directly, please write to me at


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