Our alumni

Andreea Cimpoeșu (ACC)

All my life I‘ve had huge faith in people. I believe trust is not to be earned, but to be offered. It is only up to us to choose to live the wholehearted life we all deserve and I believe we all have the necessary resources within ourselves to do it. Until some time ago, I was only dreaming to such a way of living my life. Now, here I am - after 200 hours of therapy and other 200 hours of specific training in coaching, I finally took a leap of faith. I realised that 15 years as a business professional are enough and, more than that, these years will fully contribute to live my "now-defined" mission: accompanying others with all I have in their courageous endeavour to look straight within their own selves, to accept and to (re)create themselves, with a final aim in living an authentic life, liberated by all coverings. With a background in cybernetics, I have an MBA degree from Central European University and I am now on the ICF Associated Certified Coach certification path. I have always worked with teams, encouraging my team mates to develop, to find their own way both in work and life. Looking back, it seems I am doing coaching for long ago. The type of coaching I practice is transformational, focused on building the skills and capabilities that help the client perform effectively and coherently in any circumstances. Through transformational coaching my client is guided to individually find his own path towards what he can and wants to become. I walk beside my clients to reach their own definitions and identify new perspectives. In a non-judgmental relationship, making use of the right words in the right moment, I stand by my clients with an open heart and a keen mind. Every new client offers me the privilege of getting a lot of insights, helping me become not just a better coach, but a better person. More about me on or on my LinkedIn profile.