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Our alumni

Andreea Cimpoeșu (PCC)

I am a leadership coach, facilitator and consultant. My practice exists to support leaders on their quest to live, lead and thrive authentically. My mission is fueled by my desire to have more authentic leaders as role models in all walks of life and to create more spaces for them to manifest their own strengths.

Coaching is a mélange of science and art: the science comes from different methodologies I use; the art is the uniqueness I bring into the session. I do not use a coaching model, as I do not believe that one size fits all. Instead, I have built a large toolbox of instruments that I continue to enhance every day. My own coaching philosophy rests on some very strong pillars: connection, care, challenge, candor, courage, clarity.

I continue to be in awe every time I work with my clients, seeing their power of transformation and evolution. As a coach, I serve them not by offering solutions to their problems, but by creating spaces where my clients can freely think, feel and talk about the possibilities in their lives. I guide them in finding their own way towards achievements that matter the most, towards a way of joy, easiness, and flow. Thus, they are able to transform insights into actions, learnings into achievements, and plans into outcomes.

My intensive, diverse and long business experience along with my education are the foundation of my coaching practice, which has been consolidated through more than 2500 coaching hours and a multi-disciplinary approach to coaching, emerged from a large spectrum of frameworks and instruments: emotional agility, neuroscience, positive psychology, systemic and transformational coaching, vertical development, financial psychology.

You can read more about me on and on my LinkedIn profile.


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