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Our alumni

Andreea Dinescu

Hi, I'm Andreea.

I always wanted to work with and for people. Having a personality where logic, responsibility and an organized style intertwine with compassion, warmth, and a focus on relationships, for over 25 years my professional efforts have been directed towards serving others as a judge. I obtained a doctorate in civil law. And I learned that justice is not about fairness, but about legality, that beyond rigor and conscientiousness are people and their life stories, personal and professional relationships based on communication. And the managerial positions I held challenged me to discover what kind of leader I want to be. I also got involved in my university career in the Faculty of Law.

Then my passion changed and I felt it was time to give full attention to my beliefs and concerns about the importance of self-knowledge, compassion, and how they can contribute to realizing people's potential. So I made the decision of a change in my professional life, moving towards training and coaching. Starting from 2021 I prepared and delivered courses as a trainer, and from 2022 I became a certified trainer and coach in the Process Communication Model®. In the same year I graduated from the ICF accredited Mind Learners coaching school. I am currently continuing my training as a niche career coach and delivering courses designed to help clients get to know themselves better, live more fulfilling and aligned lives with themselves, and develop healthier relationships with themselves and those around them. It is my strong believe that each of us can live a life where our environment, behaviours, skills, and capabilities align with our values, beliefs, identity, and our vision and mission for life. And that the process of getting there involves letting ourselves be seen, heard, that we have all the necessary resources within us, we just need to decide consciously and intentionally what we want. What I offer on this journey of self-discovery is trust, respect, patience, open-mindedness, curiosity, compassion, and why not, a little humour and adventure.

You can reach me at


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