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Cătălina Marinescu

My coaching approach focuses on the individual as a whole (mind, body and spirit) and as part of ecosystems (family, work, society, etc). During coaching sessions I take a holistic approach to accompany beings towards their materialized intentions. Sometimes meditation or breathing practices come in as tools to serve clients towards their objectives.

As a professional I've been in the corporate environment for the last eight years as a financial and start-up consultant working for companies as KPMG and ING. During this time I also served people to find their purpose at work and personal life, in the trainer role.

Additionally, expat life is something I can related to. Netherlands was my home for almost six years.

I encompass yoga as a lifestyles and the feeling of being a vehicle to other beings as a yoga teacher is a humbling experience. Yoga practices helped me recover from burnout symptoms and anxiety related to work.

My creative side comes to surface through african dancing and creating flower arrangements. Travelling to India and Africa are ones of the most culturally enriching experiences so far, helping me look at the world with fresh new eyes.

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