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Our alumni

Carmen Sidon (MCC)

I believe that people are very strong and they have all the resources they need, in order to solve their problems and dilemmas, already inside themselves. I believe that the hard moments in our lives come exactly when we are ready to deal with them so we can move on, stronger, knowing ourselves better and being kinder to the person we see in the mirror. By becoming a coach, I have the great privilege of accompanying many extraordinary people on their journey to the best version of themselves. I feel very fortunate, as this also helps me on my own way to the best version of myself, because feel I learn something from every person I meet. I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, I am a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master and, currently, I am on the ICF Associated Certified Coach certification path, after having graduated the first edition of the Mind Learners Coaching School. I have been a people manager in a multinational organization for 10 years, during which I have worked with hundreds of people, recruiting them on our team, designing their training schedules, helping them perform and grow in their roles and supporting them to prepare for further career opportunities. I practice Transformational Coaching, a method that takes into account the fact that all the aspects of a person’s life are closely linked together and that change in one area triggers change in all the other areas, one way or another. I respect the unique and personal rhythm of every person I coach, having full faith in his/her ability to discover, with me as a guide, the very best way to tackle any issue, in due time. I ask questions, I open doors to new perspectives, I wait patiently and without judgement for the answers to come. And they always do :). More about me here. You can read my blog here:


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