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Our alumni

Cristiana Lupu (ACC)

When talking about myself and my work experience one common thread is visible – the passion for developing people, understanding them and

accompanying them on the road to success.

Whatever that means for each of us. In my 14 years of leadership experience, I have had the gift of

interacting with hundreds of individuals on my team, in different

capacities. This has given me the opportunity to help people take a

look at themselves and see their potential for what it is – a resource

that we tend to forget or dismiss, because we are focusing on what

there is to fix.

Being a certified coach allowed me the opportunity to

enhance the way I support my teams and to do this from a place of

non-judgment and presence. I have a particular interest in supporting

women in organizations to find their voice and get included in

discussions that matter, in an authentic and courageous manner. My

mission is to offer my coachees an environment where they can be

themselves with no fear of being judged. To be a companion on their

path to fulfillment. To shed light on parts of themselves that may be

in the shadows. I believe that the more we learn about ourselves, no

matter what truths may come up, the better we become. As a coach,

being present to such an unveiling of one’s potential will always be a

privilege I am blessed to have.

More about me here: and you can

always contact me at


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