Our alumni

Cristiana Lupu (ACC)

When talking about myself and my work experience one common thread is visible – the passion for developing people, understanding them and accompanying them on the road to success. Whatever that means for each of us. In my 7 years of management experience, I have had the gift of interacting with over 100 of my direct reports only. This has given me the opportunity to help people take a look at themselves and see their potential for what it is – a resource that we tend to forget or dismiss, because we are focusing on what there is to fix. In the past two years, I have learned to let go of the programmatic way of developing people within my own organization and, using my experience and the opportunities given to me, I started my coaching career in parallel. My mission is to offer my coachees an environment where they can be themselves with no fear of being judged. To be a companion on their path to fulfillment. To shed light on parts of themselves that may be in the shadows. I believe that the more we learn about ourselves, no matter what truths may come up, the better we become. As a coach, being present to such an unveiling of one’s potential will always be a privilege I am blessed to have. More about me here.