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Our alumni

Cristina Girlianu

Personal motto

Let life teach you. There are no mistakes, all the experiences and every person you meet along the way are catalysts for your growth.

Be a mirror reflecting the light and choose love. This is your power!

Relevant Coaching Experience and how can I support you

My coaching journey started 11 years ago as a coachee, one of the reasons I believe that coaching path actually found me. My first coaching experience unfolded through valuable lessons in the power of co-creation of a non-judgmental space for self discovery and growth. The path led me to the deepest calling and unveiling of my mission, to accompany other people on their journey of evolution.

I am a transformational coach on ACC certification path and since 2016 I have been offering my support both in private coaching sessions and also in the corporate world where I actively contribute as an internal coach, in team coaching projects, workshops and individual coaching sessions for employees.

I believe that in order to support our evolution we need to allow change to happen in a holistic way, as multidimensional beings, therefore I’ve integrated in my practice both tools from neuroscience and somatic experiencing tools.

As a coach, my intention is to hold a safe space for my coachees and meet each person exactly as they are in the present moment, to honor and co-create a trustworthy partnership. My daily commitment is to do the work, in order to support the coachee on their journey in an authentic way, in designing their own path, where they are able to discover new possibilities, in achieving their desires along the way, and therefore becoming more of who they truly are.

I believe that individually we can contribute to the creation of a growth environment, and evolve vertically both in our personal lives and in organizations through our authentic expression.

Besides being a coach, and corporate fellow, I express myself and reconnect to myself through art.

As a former professional dancer now I enjoy even more the free therapeutic movement and I also like to paint.

If you would like to connect and you want me to accompany you on your path, you can reach me at or via Linkedin.


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