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Our alumni

Cristina-Mina Dalea (ACC)

My mission as a coach is to support people on their transformational path to fulfil their wishes, in their personal or professional lives. I believe that we have everything we need already in us. I love Sir John Withmore’s analogy to an acorn that has the potential to become a magnificent oak tree. It just needs food, light and support to grow, but it already has the oak inside. Within my 15 years of leadership experience, I have discovered the beauty of supporting people from so many cultures and different personalities in achieving their goals and becoming more fulfilled by their work and more satisfied with who they are as people. The Transformational coaching program from MindLearners has been a life changing experience, that gave me the needed confidence that I want to continue on this path, but now, dedicating myself to the mission of helping you find your own answers. How? With patience, acceptance, understanding, warmth, creating a space where you can be who you truly are and establishing a relationship of trust so that you can uncover who you can be as well. I have discovered that one of the most important values in my life lies in the quality of my relationships, starting first with the relationship with myself. In this way I have discovered so much power within myself that I have used to achieve my professional goals, managing a global organisation within one of the biggest tech companies in the world or becoming a professional Leadership & Transformational coach and to follow my dreams, becoming a Psychology student at the age of 39. If you want to find out more about me, I would really love to connect via LinkedIn or e-mail. I am here!


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