Our alumni

Cristina Oțel

I am fascinated by the human mind and what lies behind our behaviors and decisions. ​ With over 10 years of experience in Learning & Development, as a specialist and manager, I designed and implemented training programs that best fit the development needs of the employees and built L&D strategies in alignment with the overall business strategy of the organization. After 12 years of working in one of the biggest IT multinational corporations today I make my contribution to the world as a freelance trainer and coach. ​ My mission as a professional trainer and coach is to create space for those who want to become more self-aware and accompany them in their journey of personal evolution, hoping that this will help them thrive and live flourishing lives. I understand the ups and downs of profound personal transformation having gone through the discomfort and the joy of it myself. Part of my evolutionary journey was the Mind Learners Coaching School. As a trainer all of the programs I deliver include a focus on self-awareness: Personal Branding, Public Speaking, Life Design, Emotional Intelligence and Time Management. ​ As a coach I contain, give non-judgmental space, I listen, I challenge my clients and I completely and honestly trust that they have the internal resources to move forward. The methods I use are transformational coaching and evolutionary coaching. ​ I am the mother of two wonderful and loving children and I always look for ways to grow our relationship in a gentle, balanced and respectful way. Knowing how important it is for us parents to be self-aware so we don’t burden our children with our fears and limiting beliefs I am also actively involved in helping other parents in their journey back to themselves. ​ You can read more about me and my work on my blog or LinkedIn profile. Happy to get in touch here.