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Our alumni

Cristina Oțel

I help women get unstuck from lives that they have outgrown, take their power back and create lives they love.

With 15 years of experience in Learning & Development, after a rewarding corporate career in one of the world’s leading IT companies – first as a Trainer and then as a Training Manager – in 2018 I left what I knew (corporate life) for what I needed and today I make my contribution to the world as an entrepreneur together with my small but mighty team.

As a master trainer and life design coach I create safe spaces for those who want to become more self-aware and accompany them on their journey of personal evolution, so they thrive.

I graduated the Mind Learners coaching school in December 2017 and have spent over 350 hours accompanying my coaching clients since then, both within organizations and outside of them. As a transformational coach, I contain, give non-judgmental space, I listen, I challenge my clients and I completely and honestly trust that they have the internal resources to move forward.

The learning experiences I design and deliver include a focus on self-awareness and combine neuroscience and positive psychology: Life Design, Work-Life Flexibility, Rewriting Limiting Beliefs, Grow Your Mindset, Emotional Fitness, Personal Mastery, Course Creation Formula.

I’ve been hosting my own podcast since 2019 and I am proud that we’ve reached the half a million downloads milestone.

You can read more about me and my work on my website or LinkedIn profile. Happy to get in touch here.


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