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Our alumni

Cristina Soptelea

I am a coach and a Senior HR professional with over 15 years of experience in working with people and leaders.

Coaching changed my life and transformed my relationships as I’ve learned to look more into depth, beyond the obvious. I am coaching people in my day-to-day job but also in my free time, online or face to face.

A coaching session is the ideal setup to pause from your everyday routine and explore aspects in which you might feel stuck or overwhelmed. We tend to see certain issues bigger than they are and talking about it and reflecting with a coach helps release the pressure and brings more clarity.

According to Individual Psychology principles (by Alfred Adler), we all want to belong to a community and feel unique at the same time. Striving for uniqueness and the need to belong are strong motivators in our everyday life. In my coaching sessions I support people discover their uniqueness and put it into the best light, having also in mind, the various roles we play.

In 2019, I’ve got my first Coaching certification in Individual Psychology, in Germany. In 2021, I graduated the Mindlearners Transformational Coaching School.

If you want to connect, you can reach out on LinkedIn or email .


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