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Our alumni

Csilla Farkas

Hi, my name is Csilla. I’m a leadership & career coach and trainer.

Basically I support my clients on their journey of becoming the person they aspire to be.

I’m doing this by:

- providing them a safe environment where they can express themselves freely

- listening them carefully

- supporting them in the process of setting SMART goals

- executing their plan

- ultimately to grow and succeed in their personal and professional life

Career guidance, as a subject, captured my attention during my undergraduate studies in psychology. My passion for this topic has only grown over the 15 years I have been immersed as a graduated professional in the field.

As motivated, open-minded individual with an enthusiasm for learning and teaching, I started a collaboration with the M&Co Training in 2012. Here, I had the opportunity to work as a trainer and project manager. My 3 years in the collaboration, I participated as a trainer at more than 150 training sessions. Along with the various enjoyable aspects, like the indoor and outdoor team building exercises, the main topics covered were: communication, conflict management, sales, and leadership. Our clients were mainly teams from all sorts of multinational companies. These training sessions gave me more understanding of different industries and of the way in which different teams work in certain fields. These years also helped me to become a better team-player (as a co-trainer) as well as gain managerial skills.

Throughout the following years I became a Marketing Specialist along with parttaking in voluntery activites in the Prisma association, Rotaract Club Téka and at TedX Targu Mures. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at these NGOs, and I felt as though I gained a lot from my time volunteering. The opportunities and positions in which I was endorsed (vice president, president, project manager), enabled me to improve on my leadership skills.

The next step in my career meant a personal leap for me. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and successfully took on the PR Specialist position at OTP Bank Romania, in Bucharest. Within this organization, I experienced how a multinational collaboration works within, as well as, outside the company. I also learned the importance of crisis management and agile workflow.

In recent years, I have placed importance on prioritizing my personal development. I started my own family with my lovely husband by welcoming our two beautiful children, who are the wonders of our life. I also took advantage of the COVID-19 period and I maximized on the online learning world by participating and engaging in classes on public speaking, transformational coaching, and stock market investments.

The 2020-2021 period that challenged the world in so many aspects turned my focus back on the mental wellbeing of individuals and the way people can cope with change and the stress of uncertainty.

Currently I run my own business as a leadership & career coach and as a freelance trainer. This summer I had the most interesting coaching experience since I started this business. I held 60 coaching sessions for 45 female entrepreneurs from Romania in 2 months. I gain lots of useful insights and experience from this project.

In my opinion, life experience, lifelong learning, and professional improvement can widely contribute to the impact of coaching. As a coach, I make sure to remain present and fully attentive in one-on-one coaching sessions with my clients. I am providing them with a safe environment, whether it be online or offline, where they can express themselves freely. Coachees have the opportunity to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals. I support them on their journey of becoming the person they aspire to be. I encourage them to turn the wheel of their career in the direction they want, and ultimately to succeed in their personal and professional life.

You can reach me at: +40745262565 &

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