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Dani Prisacariu (they/them)

To transform the world means to transform ourselves. One is nourishment for the other. Both are equaly needed.

Hi, I’m Dani! I bring politicized coaching in service of social transformation. I accompany change-makers and leaders to create inside-out sustainable social change.

I am a coach with more than 10 years of experience in the social change field. My experience as a human rights activist shaped me deeply, and left me with a longing for a world where we recognise the multi layered realities we all experience, where we prioritize our and each other’s autonomy and self determination in all aspects, where we deeply listen, hold unconditional positive regard for ourselves and others, and make space to radically transform ourselves and the world around us. Whether I am in a coaching partnership, or facilitating group processes I am committed to relational learning that creates more freedom inside-out.

I have been cultivating a relationship with change for many years. I believe holistic change always happens at the intersection of social context, personal and collective histories and geographies. My intention is to support you to strengthen your capacity to better relate to yourself, your relationships, and the change you want to create. I use coaching as a tool for holding space for your process of coming back to yourself, identifying, voicing out and embodying your needs, desires and vision for the future, while also remaining connected to your communities and the wider social context. I use embodiment and mindfulness techniques to support you to connect with your wholeness, to tap into the intelligence of your body, and to be centered as you move towards your commitment. I love working with folks that are ready to question the status quo, to dive deep, to break free from binary thinking, and to own their power.

Wherever you are in your process, I am happy to meet you there.

Get in touch: | Website | Linkedin


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