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Our alumni

Daniela-Georgiana Pripis

A healthy harmonic life starts with healthy balanced habits. But in a world swamped in information, where do you even start? Frequently, the info we get is either corrupted, dispersed, biased or simply irrelevant. And how do you know what’s right for you?

That’s where I fit in. My name is Daniela-Georgiana Pripis and I am a Well-Being Coach and Teacher. My soul mission in to empower personal and collective well-being for an evolved human experience.

The coaching and training programs that I create are drawn from best practices in life and coaching methodologies. I add scientific research (e.g.: neuroscience, positive psychology) and traditional wisdom principles (e.g.: meditation, mindfulness, spirituality). To help you discover your best YOU. And, I’m keeping it simple, with customized approaches.

My programs are ideal for individuals and groups or teams that want to flourish. Also, I create ready-made coaching programs to ease the work of Professionals – such as Coaches, Trainers, Team Managers - willing to help others thrive.

If you want to find out more about myself and the work I’m doing, just take a look at this video or browse around my website. Or, perhaps you prefer to drop me a note? If so, you can write me here or here.

Welcome to this amazing transformational journey!


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