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Our alumni

Denisa Voinea

Since forever I was identified by people around me as the “healer” of the group. The one to go to when you need some clarity, support or maybe just someone to listen - the level of energy and flow I feel every time I am able to bring whatever someone needs at a given time is priceless. So in 2020 I landed, unintentionally, in some 1:1 coaching sessions that turned off the autopilot I have been for sometime and made me connect with my gifts. I knew that I wanted to return the value received to others as well, so I came across the Mind Learners school and did everything that was depending on me to be part of the experience. Fast forward to present, besides my corporate job as an HR manager, I practice transformational coaching by always making sure to create a safe and sacred space with my clients where all of their human being can be unleashed and rebuilt in their own rhythm and upon their expectations- and I as their trusted companion. As a creative person myself (I love singing, drawing, or crafting stuff) I love to witness the power of each client in creating the life they want to have, in their own unique way. If you want to connect with me, you can find me (for now) on LinkedIn or via email at


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