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Our alumni

Diana Enache

A few years ago, I was jokingly saying it would be great if I could have a job as a “question asker”. I knew little about coaching at the time, but I was fuelled by this honest curiosity to find out things about people around me and help them learn and grow.

I discovered coaching in 2019, when I was in the client’s shoes. It was a novel, challenging and exciting experience, one that led to knowing myself better and to ramping up my awareness.

In 2021, after much reflection, questions and answers about my values and purpose, I figured out I wanted to become a coach. So, I started reading books and articles, watching and listening to podcasts on how the brain works and researching coaching schools.

In 2022 I actually started asking challenging and awareness evoking questions in coaching sessions. All of this with the purpose of helping other people learn and grow. Neuroscience, learning how to learn, continuous learning are my other passions that go hand in hand with coaching. Besides being a career coach, I also work as a development coordinator, where I create and deliver development projects and training.

In coaching sessions, I ask questions, am present, listen fully and offer clients the challenge and support they need. I partner with my clients to help them gain awareness on the topics they bring to our sessions, so that they find options and solutions and overcome obstacles.

I am their accountability partner.

My coaching mission is: I help people grow through authentic and deep connection, with the help of neuroscience and transformational coaching for progress.


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