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Our alumni

Diana Mircea

I have spent more than 16 years in big companies as a Development Specialist, than Consultant, than Manager. I had ascending roles, always moving to the next career level. I managed processes, I developed procedures, I successfully faced audits. But never in my working life have I gone through more rewarding experiences than when working directly with people, accompanying them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Going through Alis’ Transformational Coaching Program was absolutely transformational as at the end of the four months of looking into the mirror, of questioning and challenging myself I have managed to put into words the mission that I unawarely started when I first embarked on the corporate world as a development professional: opening doors for the people so that they dare be. One may think that it took me a rather long time to come up with such simple words. It may be. At the same time, how can you open doors for others and see them through the threshold as long as you are still behind your own door? So, only after all these years and all the experiences that I have gone through, I now know that I have passed through my main door. At the same time I know there are so many other doors for me to open and cross and I am ready to continue my journey. What is most important for me now is that I am ready to accompany YOU throughout YOUR own journey. You can find out more about my professional background here and you can contact me at: Since I am based in Luxembourg, face to face sessions in Romania may prove difficult to have. But since technology has long become a commodity, there will always be a way to meet.


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