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Our alumni

Diana Popescu

As a coach and future psychotherapist, my mission is to support people in their journey of self-awareness and growth, focusing on Career, Work Relationships and Self Leadership.

In coaching, I work with professionals and individuals who want to manage career evolution or transitions, improve the way they manage themselves, as well as their relationships with colleagues, managers, stakeholders or their loved ones. I partner with my clients, so they can use their inner resources towards achieving their goals and live a life in alignment with their values and purpose.

My clients can experience different approaches, from Psychology, Neuro-Mindfulness or Positive Intelligence (working with mental saboteurs).

As a background, I am an Human Resources Professional, with a degree in Communication and Public Relations. During several years of working in Corporate Communication and then in Learning & Development, I had the opportunity to understand and interact with many human typologies, to discover different perspectives on how people learn and grow, what motivates them, what barriers they have and how they can access their internal resources in order to achieve their objectives.

My work through Relationship Coaching is meant to raise awareness on the importance of having healthy and conscious relationships, both personal and professional. Our mental and physical health depend on the quality of our relationships, as they are at the core of our personal and professional wellbeing. We need others, we need communities, collaboration, acceptance and a feeling of belonging. I truly believe that we learn the most about ourselves and we grow the most through our relationships. Therefore, knowing how to position yourself in relationship with others is key for building sustainable growth and success.

You can reach me at:


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