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Our alumni

Elena (Lili) Gâdei (PCC)

I am People Manager and Project Manager in a multinational company, currently managing dozens of people from several projects in the application maintenance area. Throughout my current management roles, as well as others within the customer support and operations consultancy areas, I have been always focused on enhancing my skills and behaviors to be cheerful and effective in the workplace, also applying my coaching and leadership expertise to encourage people to discover and make the most of their potential, with a passionate, result driven and an optimistic approach. I am passionate to help people grow and bring mindfulness into the workplace, to create an environment which stimulates every individual to begin a life-long journey for recognizing and discovering their full potential and support them in realizing, boosting and then practicing it, for their own benefit and most likely for those others around them and for their organizations. My formal education qualifications are in Psychology and Philosophy. I have started the formal qualification within the coaching area by graduating from Mind Learners Coaching School and I'm currently on ICF Associated Certified Coach certification path. I am eager and happy to learn from inspirational people, I enjoy meaningful stories and fairytales, I love to read and travel. I strongly believe in the magical power of coaching and in the fact that anyone can evolve as long as they want to, towards what they want to be and achieve, finding within themselves the best responses from a variety of options and being able to reveal their ''best version'', in an inside-out way. You can find me on Gmail and LinkedIn.


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