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Our alumni

Eliza Burlan

I am Eliza, a Transformational & Neuromindfulness Coach Practitioner. I am a mother of two amazing girls, I have a full-time job as a Quality Analyst, and I practice coaching through my passion for people. I love psychology, self-development, and leadership. I have an ONG which supports education in Romanian villages. My dream is to help by coaching young people, teachers, and those who desire to develop themselves.

I am fascinated and inspired by people who are dedicated to a purpose and are passionate about something. I use coaching tools and Neuromindfuness practices to support other people to find their power and to reach their goals.

My favorite quote by Viktor E Frankl says:” Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” In coaching processes, I support and help people to identify by themselves the tools they have for their growth and to find their responses. I love helping people become more successful in their careers and relationships, supporting them to continuously develop and learn by providing a safe space. In this space, they can explore and discover their abilities and how to use them, so they can live a life full of joy. I work mostly online from my home(Romania) and have coaching sessions with people from different countries. You can reach me at and on Linkedln, here.


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