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Our alumni

Florina Cioaga (ACC)

Florina Cioaga, is an ICF Certified Coach, specialized in Emotions Centered Coaching and NeuroMindfulness Coaching, with over 13 years spent in corporations that helped her understand the business challenges in various industries, the dynamics of teamwork, the rigidity of projects, and the urgency of deadlines.

As a coach, Florina has the mission to accompany people on a journey of learning, self-awareness and change of perspective, in which to identify if their actions are aligned with their values, beliefs and emotions.

Florina’s most relevant corporate professional experience was gained during the 8 years in M&A – Corporate Finance within KPMG Romania, and during the 4 years in Strategy & Business Planning within RBS Bank.

Florina is no stranger to changes of perspective in her career, thus, in addition to her project management work, she also focused on people management activities. Since 2014, Florina had the opportunity to be there for others in their own professional journey through recruitment, training, coaching and mentoring.

Starting 2019, Florina focused on creating meaningful and safe relationships through coaching and mentoring as a professional. To help her in this endeavor, Florina graduated the Mind Learners coaching school, and attended the courses of several coaching programs. Also, Florina graduated the BWFR leadership program, which provided her the proper training to guide and support people who are either thinking about starting a business or are in their start-up process.

Education and continuous development are a priority for Florina, thus she considers herself a constant learner. She graduated from the Faculty of Finance at ASE Bucharest in 2008, the Faculty of Law and the Master in Business Law from Dimitrie Cantemir University in Bucharest, in 2009 and 2010, respectively. And in the fall of 2020, Florina became a student at the Faculty of Psychology within Babeş Bolyai University Cluj Napoca, to further evolve professionally.

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