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Our alumni

Ileana Sebe

My name is Ileana, I am a professional with over 20 years of experience in advertising and communication.

While completing my German & English studies at the University of Bucharest I started working in advertising, first in account management and a couple of years later as strategic planner.

In March 2020 I became the community leader of Next Advertising, an independent creative agency full of entrepreneurial spirits. My colleagues and I value kindness and respect thus fostering a healthy work environment where we are able to contribute and develop the very best of ourselves.

I balance my leadership role with a keen interest in self-development, which takes an artistic form in my personal brand ZWEI

I find experimenting visually helps me better observe and express my thoughts and emotions. It is my therapeutic manner to cope with life, an essential part of my self-awareness process.

Over the last 15 years I have been constantly in a psychoanalytic therapeutic process, getting to know and understand myself, working on deconstructing psychological patterns and being mindful of living in the present.

Practicing yoga is another helpful tool to connect with my body and return to the present moment. I follow Carlos Abbate’s practice and highly recommend his book Yoga of Presence

I have struggled with the duality of my being, on one side is the ‘German’, serious, and perfectionist me and on the other is the dreamy, romantic idealist me. It took me very long to harmonize these two aspects and not wanting to choose one over the other.

Through practice I have found that there is great strength in having polarizing qualities, especially when you are able to mindfully channel them to the fitting circumstance. Today I am aware of the masculine and feminine energies in me and activate them whenever I need them best.

Until the Mindlearners school back in 2019, I have been more of a mentor than a coach, sharing insights about my professional and personal life.

Now we can create a space together, I will listen attentively, and we will work to find the answers that are deep within you to both your professional and personal inquiries.

I value connection and believe we all need to be seen, heard and understood.

I believe relationships are deeply healing.

My ZWEI journey has evolved during the last 12 years. It started with concept food for events and small gatherings, continued with product and food styling; creative concepts; design and photography projects and other ways of spending quality time and doing beautiful things together.

Today it can be all the above plus my one to one coaching or mentoring sessions.

I am available for coaching sessions, please get in touch with me via email

You can also connect with my constant inspiration here


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