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Our alumni

Ioana Iordanca

The first time when I heard about coaching it was in 2014, when I met the founder of the Mind Learners Coaching School, Alis Anagnostakis. She was my guide as coach, in my personal journey of self-discovery, which is an ongoing process.

In 2016 I became a transformational coach upon attending the courses of the Mind Learners Coaching School. On this path I also found the way to fulfil my mission, that of accompanying for a while, other people like me, on the road to themselves. As an accompanist, I gently support people’s journey to discover their resources and inner strength, to harmonise their mind, soul and physical body.

Beyond coaching I am interested in holistic healing, believing in the interconnection between the internal state of the human soul and health.

I have worked for more than 16 years in several multinational companies and governmental institutions, which provided me with a strong understanding and knowledge of people.

If you would like to contact me directly, please write an email at

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